New Trend: Microdosing Instead of Couples Therapy 

Couple's Therapy

As a society, I think that therapy is now officially destigmatized.

It’s no longer a taboo subject laden with negative stereotypes.

Therapy is much more common than ever before; almost considered a basic form of self-care. 

Good therapy offers many benefits to both the individual and the relationship. 

Among the long list of reasons why therapy is so beneficial is the opportunity to be expressed and to be heard.  

As we know, good therapy is not always affordable or available to all.

So these past few years a new trend has emerged among couples striving for deeper emotional connections and understanding. I hear whispers that some choosing microdosing over traditional couples therapy. 

The practice of microdosing involves the deliberate, sub-perceptual consumption of psychedelics as a means to foster intimacy, communication, and empathy. 

While this path is not without its complexities, the stories emerging from those who explore a more DYI therapeutic approach shed light on a unique avenue for relationship enhancement.

Worth mentioning up front that this article is not about dissuading anyone from couples therapy. 

Having a qualified and experienced neutral third person in the room helps to navigate complicated emotional situations, there’s no doubt about that.

Like all my blog posts, they are intended to be educational.  Keeping you up to date on the quiet trends and subcultures out there. While also providing all the information you need right here, should you feel curious and want to know more.

Unlocking Emotional Pathways

Did you know that for nearly 20 years, the scientific community has accepted that psychoactive potentially induces mystical states and deep personal experiences? Yup, the scientific community used the word mystical. 

It’s not a stretch to assume that when we feel like we are experiencing deep mystical and personal meaning while in the presence of our loved one, then chances are that the relationship dynamics will be different than before.

Using psilocybin allows us to access deeper emotional states. We can access more presence, compassion, understanding, and softness. 

This 2023 article features a couple who rented a hotel room, took some MDMA, and ended up discussing “issues in their almost decade-long marriage, ranging from chores to parenting to sex”. 

Or as they said; “we just hashed it out”. 

All Doses Are Not Created Equal

Always remember, that the larger the dose, the sharper the integration experience

Smaller measured doses intermittently over time are easier to integrate than one big session. This is true for both solo experiences and coupled experiences.

If microdosing, this is what we can expect to notice. 

Day by day, our ability to listen to our loved one subtly improves, our ability to manage our temper is easier than ever, we feel more in our bodies and consequently, we are more present for our loved ones. We tend to procrastinate less and feel more active and fresh.

If macrodosing as a couple, it’s possible to have a big breakthrough in understanding during the actual ceremony itself. 

If not, the afterglow period can last days if not months after the ceremony. Many behaviors are changed during this time. New perspectives, more resiliency, more humility, and more patience. 

Wise, Humble, and Deliberate Experimentation

Those who have joined our group coaching calls have heard me say that microdosing protocols are a little bit like chicken soup, we all know what it is and yet we each have our unique recipes for it.

Such dosing recipes are known as protocols and it’s worth knowing that in time and further experimentation, you are likely to design a recipe aka protocol that is unique to you.

When it comes to psychoactive substances, often the only way to know for sure is via experimentation.

Experimentation that is powered by diligent research, and implemented with patience and care. 

More To Consider

When it comes to microdosing, finding our sweet spot is a vital aspect of your journey. Keep in mind that in some cases can take a couple of weeks. This is totally normal.

Once you have found your sweet spot, you may notice that it changes over time. The sweet spot is not a fixed amount, fluctuations over weeks or months. This is also normal.

Between doses and cycles, we can often observe afterglow effects coming to light. This is wonderful and normal.

During afterglow days and beyond, the infamous integration process is the last part of our microdosing journey.

Again, there is no wrong way or perfect way. What would serve you and your relationship best at this time?

Research Research Research

If you want to read more on the topic to help you decide what is best for you, have a look at some of these articles: 

This couple used their home deposit savings ($6,000) for a couple’s psychedelic retreat has an article that quotes: “The more we’ve tripped together, the more comfortable we’ve gotten sharing our deepest, darkest fantasies”

GQ published an article back in 2021 called ”The Case for Psychedelics Couples Counseling”

Psychedelic. support has an excellent psilocybin-assisted therapy guide that is worth referring to for all things psilocybin, dosage, and therapeutic resources.

Psychology. today wrote an article about the Role Of A Therapist in Psilocybin Therapy wrote a great article explaining the Difference Between Psychedelic Retreats and Psychedelic Clinics. posted a testimonial about a couple that goes to psychedelic-assisted therapy twice a year and they said it saved their marriage published a story about a Canadian couple who said that microdosing psilocybin helped their relationship and was not a placebo effect.

Last but not least, I should have known that there’s an app to guide you through your DIY at-home ceremony. 

Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than looking at a phone screen while under the influence of larger doses of psilocybin, but I’m sure some people don’t mind as much.

Not Better, Or Worse

Again, I am not suggesting throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to therapists or couples therapy. It’s not about a couple’s therapy being better or worse, it’s just a different experience altogether.

The thing about psychoactive substances such as LSD, MDMA, or psilocybin is that they reconnect us to our bodies and our hearts. 

Such a specific feeling is not something we can often access during talk therapy, and within this newly found centered, and peaceful state, we inevitably interact differently with our loved ones. 

If you find yourself intrigued, then have the conversation with your partner, do some research, get the ok from your doctor if needed, and prepare yourselves by asking more questions and joining like-minded communities. 

Always remember to stay curious, and stay humble.

If you and your partner are way ahead of the curve and have already been using psilocybin in large or small doses to reinforce your relationship, please share your experiences with us here below or in our Facebook group or our Discord channel.

As always

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong

Asha ✨

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