Psychedelic Art Series: Music

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Psychedelic art is any creative expression that reminds us of the interplay between our consciousness and the universe.

The travel between dimensions via sound, visuals, or experiences is deeply psychedelic, and what better way to travel than with music 

In this first part of my psychedelic art series, I am unpacking psychedelic music, not EDM but more like psychedelic funk and rock.

Origin Story

Psychedelic music is a genre that made itself known in the mid-1960s. Primarily influenced by the psychedelic culture and characterized by the following features:

  1. Unconventional Sounds: Use of new electronic effects, non-Western instruments, and studio techniques not typically found in popular music. Think of electric guitars with heavy reverb or the sitar.
  2. Extended Improvisations: Songs often stretch into longer, meandering jams, emphasizing mood and feel over traditional pop song structures.
  3. Complex Lyrics: Lyrics frequently reference personal or collective experiences. They can be abstract, symbolic, and rich with poetic imagery.
  4. Experiments in Production: Innovative studio effects such as tape loops, phasing, and varied tempo tracks to create an immersive, other-worldly sound environment.
  5. Influences from Other Genres: The fusion of elements from folk, jazz, and world music, creates a diverse and eclectic sound palette.

Artists like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead are iconic in this genre.

70’s Funk Archives

Psychedelic music had its peak in the late 1960s to early 1970s but continues to influence modern genres and this is a great playlist of throwback psychedelic tunes to discover.

You will notice how these tunes continue to influence modern genres or you might remember one or two tracks from your childhood.

Despite the decades, original psychedelic music sounds are fascinating and still so fresh. 

The precise blend of contemporary progressive rock, psychedelic pop, and electronic music was bound to stand the test of time and continue to influence music today.

Turkish Psychedelic Funk

Recently I discovered Turkish Psychedelic Funk and that discovery partly inspired the creation of this article.  

Who even knew this was a whole genre back in the 60’s and 70’s?

This genre marries traditional Turkish folk with the wild vibes of psychedelia and funk, in the most refreshing way.

If I try and use the tool of language to explain Turkish Psychedelic Funk, it will only be a disservice. 

So do yourself a favor and listen to the playlist for yourself.

Japanese Psychedelic Rock

Another genre that I was oblivious to is Japanese psychedelic rock—a vibrant blend that also came alive in the late 1960s. 

Imagine the soulful twangs of the sitar, the melodious strums of the koto, and the breathy tunes of the shakuhachi blending beautifully with the wild, experimental sounds of Western rock. It’s a fusion that feels both ancient and brand new, all at once.

The spirit of Japanese psychedelic rock lives on, a testament to their creativity.

A little wild, a touch whimsical, and occasionally profoundly deep, it’s a genre worth discovering.

Khruangbin – Thai Airplane

Meet Khruangbin, a Texas band that plays the richest transcultural beats and hypnotic vibes. Their name means “airplane” in Thai, perfectly capturing their high-flying journey through a myriad of global sounds. 

Picture this: Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer with his mesmerizing guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson keeping the beats on drums—this trio is pure magic.

Their tunes are a delectable mix of surf rock, funk, soul, and a dash of psychedelia, creating a vibe that’s both retro and refreshingly new. 

They’ve distilled sounds from Thai funk, Middle Eastern rhythms, and soul from the ’60s and ’70s, and fused it all together and into something spellbinding.

Their personal style is fascinating, and the music is addictive and their beats are unmatched.

They are my most favorite band. I’ve recommended them hundreds of times before and I won’t stop anytime soon.

Latest Band Alert: Glass Beams


Most recently, I found out about this brand new psychedelic band called Glass Beams.

They are an indie psychedelic band that’s all about blending dreamy vibes with a touch of the extraordinary. 

My only criticism of them is that they don’t have a large enough discography yet. 

Their music mixes psychedelic rock, dream pop, and a splash of jazz to craft a unique sound. 

Their identity is hidden behind crystal masks and their beats are as smooth as their clothes. 

These guys have so much ‘rizz’ that it’s the only words I could think of to describe them properly.

What did you think of my selection? Is there anyone band or genre that I’ve left out and should have included?

Share your favorite bands and tracks with us via our Facebook group or Discord channel.

As always, flow strong.

Asha ✨

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  • I have documented Micro dosing for 1 year using medium of collage. Would you be interested in seeing my artwork ? I am keen to exhibit and publish this work. Over 100 pieces of artwork illustrate microdose Pro product.

    • Asha Sultana
      8 June 2024 10:53


      This is amazing and yes, please!

      Send me an email and we can discuss this further.

      Can’t wait to see your creations!

      Asha ✨


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