10 Best Practices for a Positive Microdosing Experience


10 Best Practices for a Positive Microdosing Experience

I often say that microdosing is like chicken soup, we all know what it is but also use our own unique recipes.

This article aims to outline the major tenets of a positive microdosing experience. The rest is up to your curiosity, creativity, and preferences.

Here are the 10 items that will ensure you have a great experience;

  1. Know Your Why?

Starting with Why is a great way to start anything. It’s important to take a moment and understand how we got to this point. To understand our motivations, our conscious and subconscious goals, and most of all our expectations.

Why this? Why now? What am I expecting?

  1. Understand Your Substance

Before embarking on your microdosing journey, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the substance you intend to use. 

Whether it’s LSD, psilocybin, or another psychoactive compound, knowledge about its effects, dosage, and legal status is paramount. 

Familiarise yourself with the substance’s pharmacology and how it interacts with the brain to foster the desired outcomes.

If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical medications then it’s important to fully understand the impact by discussing your options with your doctor.

  1. Establish Clear Intentions

Setting clear intentions is the cornerstone of a positive microdosing experience. 

Whether you’re seeking to enhance creativity, alleviate symptoms of depression, or simply explore the bounds of your consciousness, your intentions will guide your journey and frame your experience. 

Reflect on what you hope to achieve and set realistic, specific goals.

Log your goals digitally or in a handwritten journal.

  1. Choose Your Protocol

Choosing a microdosing protocol that aligns with your lifestyle and goals is vital. 

Popular protocols like the Fadiman or Stamets protocols offer structured schedules that balance microdosing days with rest periods. 

For newbies, we encourage you to start with the Fadiman Protocol. It is ideal to help you find your feet and become accustomed to its impact in your life.

  1. Mind the Set and Setting

The concept of “set and setting,” though often associated with larger psychedelic experiences, is equally important in microdosing. 

“Set” refers to your mindset entering the experience, including your intentions, mood, and expectations. 

“Setting” denotes the physical and social environment in which you microdose. 

In other words, if your life is particularly chaotic at the moment, it may not be an ideal time to begin an emotional journey such as microdosing.

Psilocybin is often described as a magnifier and for good reason. Whatever is happening in our lives or our minds will feel magnified and in unfamiliar ways.

  1. Start Low, Go Slow

Finding your “sweet spot” dosage is critical to a positive microdosing experience. Actually, it’s arguably everything!

Often the recommended beginner’s dosage is 0.25gm or ¼ gram of truffles. The dosage is to be increased SLOWLY. For example from 0.25 to 0.40 and not from 0.25 to 0.50. Also, do not take more than one dose per day. 

Learn to notice the impact on your mind, body, sleep, relationships, emotions, mood, and resilience.

Don’t be afraid to take the lowest amount needed. 

  1. Keep a Journal

I talk so much about the power of journaling. Even Dr. Andrew Huberman did a whole show on it.

Journaling is the daily practice of reconciling recent events, experiences, emotions, and thoughts. This will help us understand our microdosing practice, and ourselves better. 

Aside from journaling, tracking the dosage is vital. We need to know how much we are taking, and when. 

Both tracking and journaling are vital habits to undertake while microdosing. Providing the insight you need to fully understand the impact microdosing has on your life is so important that we created a free app for you to use (iPhone, Android) and it’s called Sweetspot. 

A place where you can track your thoughts, log your dosage, and set future reminders. Amazing!

  1. Integrate Your Experiences

Microdosing is great for many reasons but mainly because integration is baked into the practice itself. We do not microdose every day or even every week of the year.

We microdose a few days a week for a few weeks a year. Those off days are called Afterglow Days. Afterglow days happen to also be part of the integration process.

Integration is the process of weaving the insights and changes from your microdosing experiences into your daily life. 

The process of becoming the next version of ourselves happens from moment to moment. Integration is when we go from newbie to default mode.

Integrating our microdosing experience can be described as the process of growing into our new skin.

  1. Keep Connected

The power of community is what ended the 5-decade ban on psychedelic compounds. The tenacity of Citizen Scientists guided the medical and scientific community toward the initial areas of study.

Staying connected is not only the mycelial thing to do but also crucial as we continue to guide science and the necessary areas of study.

From leading the market from the inside out to learning from each other, community is far from a luxury but simply mandatory.

Navigating the world of microdosing can be enriching when shared with a supportive community or with guidance from experienced individuals. 

We’ve learned so much from each other. We all got here because someone else taught us. We feel bonded in our shared appreciation for microdosing and that seems to be more than plenty.

My point, stay in touch, keep me posted, tell your stories, and comment below!

  1. Stay Curious, Keep Experimenting

Finally, keep in mind that as you change, you are inevitably different. 

If over time your preferences, protocols, or sweet spot dosage changes, then that’s totally fine.

Go with the changes, just keep noticing how you are feeling. Experiment when appropriate. 

Research relentlessly and stay in touch via our Facebook group or our Discord channel.

As always

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong

Asha ✨

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  • Francesca
    18 May 2024 15:06

    Greetings Asha, This is wonderful, very clear and precise, a very good guide and considerations. Thank you. The APP is a great tool also. Brilliant idea.


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