Microdose Pro in the Media

Djai as a guest at the 100% Inspiration Podcast

Our Microdose Coach Djai was invited to the 100% Inspiration Podcast of Thijs Lindhout.

In this podcast, Djai talks about the basics of microdosing and discusses the do’s and don’t when you get started.

We love the genuine enthusiasm of the host Thijs! Check out the full episode in Dutch.

In-depth chat with founder Nils and Microdose Coach Djai

In this talk, one of the Microdose Pro founders Nils and neuropsychologist and Microdose Coach Djai have a chat on microdosing.

We discuss the benefits and challenges of microdosing, current research and how a coaching session with Djai looks like.

Check out the full epsiode.

Microdosing a Placebo?

In this podcast, Djai and Nils sit down for a second time and discuss if the placebo effect plays a role in microdosing.

We take a look at some recent studies and also answer some frequently asked questions.

Check out the full epsiode.