Your personal Microdose Coach

Your microdose coach will help you determine the right dose, set your personal goals and walk you through your microdosing journey.

Do you need a Microdose Coach?

Whether you are starting microdosing for the first time or you are already a very experienced flow hacker, everyone can benefit from the professional guidance and help of a Microdose Pro coach.

Our coach can help you set goals and structure your microdosing protocol so that changes are positive and the experience due to microdosing can remain in your daily life.

When you want to unleash the full potential of microdosing, it can be difficult to create the framework necessary to encourage self-development. Applying the framework to your daily life ensures that you better retain positive changes as a result of long-term microdosing.

How does Microdose Coaching work?

Our coaching sessions are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This type of therapy is a fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, which focuses on dealing with emotions and a purpose-driven life.

It starts with a one-hour training session over the phone, video call or in person. Depending on this first session, we then decide together the amount and frequency with which we intend to schedule successive sessions.

We’ll talk about why you want to start microdosing, what is the most appropriate microdosing protocol for you, what your goals are and how you can most effectively achieve them.

What am I learning?

After the first session, you will start taking your microdoses. We will stay in touch, assess whether you were able to find the right dose and whether you are satisfied with the protocol. During the sessions, some tasks will be given for registration and self-reflection.

The main purpose of coaching sessions is to assess your success in achieving your goals and how we can deal with obstacles. At the end of the sessions, we will review what you have learned during this period and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Let’s start!

Group session: € 17,50

  • One-hour group training session
  • Introduction to microdosing
  • Getting started with microdosing
  • How to set personal goals
  • Video conference (you can participate anonymously)
  • Meet other microdosers with the same interests

Private session: € 95

  • One hour private training session
  • Introduction to microdosing and personal ingestion
  • Get started with microdosing
  • Complete guidance with your microdosing program
  • Set goals and learn how to achieve them
  • Meeting by phone, video call or in person appointment

About me

My name is Djai and I am a fully qualified neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist, I have worked in the field of mental health care for most of my life. I have a proven academic background on how psychedelics work in the brain and their impact when starting microdosing. As a psychologist, I am trained to work with people who want to change certain aspects of their lives but find it difficult to do so.

I have my own experience with microdosing and I know what obstacles people can encounter when feeling the effects of psychedelics. I don’t work according to a strict protocol, but together we will look for a tailor-made solution that works for your benefit. As a result, each process looks different, but all receive personal guidance. My aim is to help you achieve personal development in a safe and responsible way with the help of microdosing.

In addition to my work as a psychologist, I am actively involved in the academic community on psychedelics and co-hosted the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020 (for more information, see

Besides my job, I’m someone who loves adventures. I like to travel and get to know different cultures. I love to practice all kinds of sports, but I have a very special passion for surfing and yoga. I also love music and I like being around people. In addition to serious matters, I am someone who has a positive attitude in life, always looking for the right balance between adult matters and childish curiosity accompanied by a good dash of fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us questions in the chat below.