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We understand that starting your microdosing experience can be both exciting and unfamiliar. That’s why we believe in the power of responsible guidance to ensure you navigate this path with confidence, safety, and optimal results.

Our dedicated team is here to support you at every step, helping you harness the potential of microdosing for personal growth, well-being, and positive transformation.

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Microdosing workshop

Join our insightful 1.5-hour online Microdosing Workshop, led by our experienced microdose coach, Asha.

This interactive session will equip you with comprehensive knowledge about dosing, protocols, best practices, and essential do’s and don’ts. Gain a solid foundation before you embark on your microdosing journey and discover how to maximize the benefits while minimizing potential challenges.

Online video course

Elevate your understanding of microdosing with our Microdosing Online Course, curated by our esteemed neuropsychologist and Clinical Director, Djai Baaten.

With lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth introduction to microdosing, diving into the science, psychology, and practical applications. Uncover the potential of microdosing as a tool for personal transformation.

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Asha Sultana

Coaching sessions with Asha

Start your personalized microdosing journey with the guidance of Asha. These coaching sessions span over 8 weeks, consisting of four transformative sessions.

Asha will provide tailored insights, strategies, and support to help you integrate microdosing into your life effectively. With Asha’s expertise, you’ll navigate challenges and optimize your microdosing experience for lasting positive changes.

Djai Baaten

Therapy sessions with Djai

Experience the profound benefits of microdosing through therapeutic sessions led by our esteemed neuropsychologist, Djai.

Choose from a single therapy session for focused support or opt for a 3-pack of sessions for a more comprehensive exploration (extra sessions can always be booked afterward). Djai’s professional guidance will help you delve deeper into the therapeutic potential of microdosing, fostering personal growth, and facilitating transformative breakthroughs.

Microdosing for businesses?

Want to know what Microdose Pro can do for your business? We have corporate programs combining microdosing with expert guidance for both teams and individuals.

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