Podcast #3: Microdose Pro, Psychedelic Experience, Microdose App | Kai & Asha

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Hey micronauts,

The third episode of our podcast is now live!

In this episode, I sit down with the last of the three founders of Microdose Pro; Kai Bennink.

Kai shares his journey with psychedelics. Starting from his first truffle experience to the founding of Microdose Pro, Kai shares insights on trusting intuition, the transformative power of psychedelics, and their legal challenges.

The discussion covers the mood-enhancing effects of microdosing, neuroplasticity, and its potential in mental health. Highlights include the Boom Festival’s impact, the development of the Sweet Spot app, and Kai’s perspectives on psychedelics, AI, and psytrance music.

Check out the entire podcast below, on YouTube:

or on Spotify:


0:00 – 1:44 Introduction
1:44 – 03:30 Kai’s first psychedelic experience with truffles
03:30 – 06:56 Early interest in psychedelics and legal constraints
06:56 – 08:36 Psychedelics guiding subconscious decisions
08:36 – 10:48 The challenge of trusting intuition
10:48 – 16:03 Journey from psychedelic use to microdosing
16:03 – 17:03 Genesis of Microdose Pro
17:03 – 21:21 Microdosing’s mood-enhancing effects
21:21 – 26:13 Neuroplasticity’s role in microdosing
26:13 – 27:20 Microdosing benefits and awareness enhancement
27:20 – 28:32 Effects of combining microdosing with caffeine or alcohol
28:32 – 30:00 Changing perceptions of substances through microdosing
30:00 – 31:32 Boom Festival experience
31:32 – 37:11 Festival environment and handling high doses of psychedelics
37:11 – 43:01 Microdose Pro’s goals for psychedelic access and mental health
43:01 – 46:06 Sweet Spot app development for microdosing protocols
46:06 – 48:07 Microdosing as a mental health treatment tool
48:07 – 50:38 Microdose Pro’s collaboration with scientific research
50:38 – 52:02 Kai’s readings on psychedelics and DMT
52:02 – 54:34 Discussions on AI and technology ethics
54:34 Kai’s affinity for psytrance music and closing

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I’ll be back soon with another podcast, so stay tuned.

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For now,

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.


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