Podcast #2: Microdosing & ADD, Emotional Balance, and Work | Gino & Asha

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Hey micronauts,

I’m super excited to share with you that the second episode of our Microdose Pro Podcast is now live! In this episode, we’re diving deep with Gino, exploring his personal journey with microdosing.

Gino opens up about how microdosing has helped him manage ADD, bringing a significant improvement in his focus and emotional balance. It’s a raw and real conversation that sheds light on the transformative power of microdosing.

Check out the entire podcast below, on YouTube:

or on Spotify:


0:00 – 00:03 Introduction
00:03 – 02:37 Gino’s journey with microdosing and managing ADD
02:37 – 06:53 Gino’s struggles in traditional education
06:53 – 09:03 Experimenting with traditional medication to improve focus and structure
09:03 – 13:29 How microdosing helped Gino with focus and passion
13:29 – 15:31 How Microdose Pro started
15:31 – 19:31 Microdosing has gained acceptance and popularity over the years
19:31 – 21:18 Realization about balancing emotions and logic
21:18 – 25:25 How microdosing helps with focus and emotional balance
25:25 – 27:15 How microdosing and psychedelics have helped Gino implement practices for balance and awareness in life
27:15 – 31:09 Microdosing and building and breaking habits for a healthier lifestyle
31:09 – 33:21 Gino’s role at Microdose Pro
33:21 – 37:16 Understanding the customer goals and needs for microdosing
37:16 – 43:00 How positive reviews give motivation and fulfillment in our work
43:00 – 45:02 Prioritize helping people over making money
45:02 – 48:41 The importance of the sweet spot
48:41 – 50:34 Microdosing should be approached methodically and not just as a quick fix
50:34 – 54:24 Concerns about synthetic psilocybin and future plans
54:24 – 56:27 Exploring directions for Human Pro
56:27 – 1:00:21 How the app aims to help users reach their sweet spot and achieve their goals
1:00:21 – 1:02:08 Importance of using psychedelics responsibly
1:02:08 – 1:06:05 Balancing practical and non-practical reading
1:06:05 – 1:08:18 Reading diverse books for practical and theoretical knowledge
1:08:18 – 1:12:47 The need for high-quality conversations for mental stimulation
1:12:47 – 1:14:58 Testimonials from users who have benefited from microdosing and functional mushrooms
1:14:58 Outro

Are you interested in microdose coaching after listening to this conversation?

To schedule a one-on-one call with Asha, follow this link: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Check out more Microdose Coaching options: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Download the Sweetspot Journal app here:

Also check out our new Microdosing Course by neuropsychologist Djai Baaten.

I’ll be back soon with another podcast, so stay tuned.

For now,

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.


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