3 Reasons to add microdosing to your yoga-regimen

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Today, many people integrate microdosing into their lifestyle. The act of microdosing – consuming a very small dose of a psychedelic substance –  has proven beneficial for many of our customers who say they now work, socialize, sleep, and exercise better. They report higher levels of productivity and energy and, overall, a more positive mental state. The gentle effects of microdosing go hand in hand with the practice of yoga – and here’s why.

No doubt you’ll agree that yoga is so much more than merely a physical exercise. Every time you do yoga, you are not only strengthening the muscles in your body but also servicing and re-booting the hard-working computer that operates them: your brain. Yoga is meditation in movement; it synchronizes mind, body, and soul. It is an amazing way to dive deep within yourself and to connect with your true essence. Preceding it with a microdose can take the experience to a revitalizing new level, in three ways.

1. More energy

Many microdosers who do gym report an increase in their energy level. Microdosing also boosts various supporting cognitive functions like coordination, balance, and reflexes.  Some people say they experience their best workouts on their microdosing days.

They feel “unstoppable” and have more endurance when it comes to cardio or weight exercises.  Yoga is anything but a cardio exercise, however, an advanced yoga flow definitely requires some strength and stamina. That unstoppable feeling and greater endurance will come in handy when practicing an intensive Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow.

Improved coordination and balance, meanwhile, will help you to raise your balancing asanas – tree pose, crow pose or handstands – to the next level. Keep in mind that when you practice yoga, you should be mindful at all times. Even if that unstoppable energy hits you, you don’t want to overstretch or injure yourself.

The trick is to remain aware of your boundaries even as you thrive in gently stretching them and to listen to your body at all times.

2.  Improved focus and awareness

Microdosers regularly experience greater focus, self-awareness, and clarity of thought. When working on a project or creative endeavor, they can become immersed in it for several hours straight, without being easily distracted.

This focus and awareness are of great benefit when practicing yoga – you’ll be less influenced by external factors such as audio or visual distractions. Don’t be surprised to find yourself completely at peace on your yoga mat, even when the neighbors are having another one of their evening rows.

This improved focus and awareness can enhance the practice of pratyahara. Pratyahara is an important part of the yoga sutras of Patanjali, which can be fundamentally seen as the bible of yoga. Pratyahara means a ‘withdrawal of the senses’ and this is one of the ultimate goals when practicing yoga. You are seeking to focus your attention inwards and to turn down the volume of the chatter in your mind.

When practicing a challenging asana, you seek to become the observer. You want to feel the breath and life energy flowing through your body and to become focused on your bodily sensations, with a calm and timeless level of detachment. Because psychedelics act to reduce the brain’s obsession with the ego and its tendency to ‘self-worry’ –  achieving this state becomes easier with microdosing. 

A more restorative, slower yoga practice such as yin or hatha yoga can also be perfectly combined with microdosing because it stimulates heightened body awareness and helps you to be more present in the moment.

3.  Improved creativity

Recent studies show that microdosing with psilocybin truffles has a positive impact on the brain’s creativity. Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, this will definitely help you to develop your own yogi style.

There is nothing wrong with sticking to a certain flow, where all the poses are set in a fixed sequence, as per Ashtanga yoga. However,  sometimes it can be nice to play with the asanas, finding other variations, and discovering the capabilities of your own body. It’s fulfilling to get creative with your own yogi flow and to find the pose that works best for you. Psychedelics have a way of loosening up your thought patterns, so you can think ‘outside the box’ and in new, more literal ways. That’s useful when exploring your own path in yoga.

Given all of the above, visualize how you’d like to experience tomorrow morning. Do you really want to be getting hyped up and jittery from strong coffee and scary tweets on your phone  – or do you see yourself taking your first microdose, brewing up a soothing cup of tea, and immersing yourself in a deep and empowering yoga flow? What a nice way to start the day.

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  • Marion Walsh
    25 April 2022 20:08

    I live in Germany- can I legally microdose from here? If yes, who can I order from?

  • I am 65 years old. I’ve done most drugs recreationally and had an idea of what to expect from micro-dosing, having done both gold tops and blue meanies before.
    It is the insightful thought processes without the high that I like.
    The clearness of decision-making. The warm calmness that envelops you during the day.
    I have been suffering from covid long for about 12 months now, which means I am forced to rest 2-3 times a day. Whereas before covid, I was very active.
    Using the micro-dosing I have had my energy levels restored, with no rest breaks during the day at all. Having not rested during the day, I get a full night’s sleep, and awake refreshed with memories of vivid dreams which were not unpleasant. I have only just started micro-dosing and am doing the recommended dose of 4 days on @1gm per day and 3 days off.
    On the 3rd day off, I found I had to rest during the day as the effects wore off.
    I look forward to continuing the journey.


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