MP Pack Prize (giveaway)

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The Microdose Pro Pack contains:

  • One strip of psilocybin (sclerotia) truffles
  • One strip contains six microdoses
  • Each microdose contains 1 gram of truffles
  • Microdosing info card
  • Enough to try it out for three weeks
  • Sealed truffles can be kept 2 to 3 months after delivery when cooled

EU countries: Truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands and can therefore be shipped to most EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. Due to our high successful delivery rate (> 98%), we currently have a delivery guarantee for most orders within the EU. Have a look at the “Shipping Information” tab for the details.

Important: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or have a mental and/or neurological disorder. Psilocybin truffles are only intended for persons aged 18 years and older. Always get approval for microdosing from your healthcare professional before starting.




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What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming a small dose of psychedelics and harnessing the effects for personal growth.

Because you only take a tiny fraction of a normal dose, you will not experience any trippy effects or hallucinations.

Microdosing is growing fast in popularity as awareness is growing and more research is being published over the past years.


Why microdosing?

At Microdose Pro, we strongly believe that microdosing can play a major role in improving human performance across various domains and that this practice will grow significantly in years to come.

In the past years, many entrepreneurs, self-improvement experts, and social influencers have reported the positive effects of microdosing, which has led to an exponential increase in global interest.

We aim to provide a trusted platform and product for the start-up, creative, and self-growth communities in the Netherlands, in order to make microdosing more accessible in a safe and responsible manner.

How does microdosing work?

We will deliver one strip containing six doses of psilocybin truffles on your doorstep. Each microdose contains one gram of truffles.

Before you start with microdosing, you need to decide what protocol you want to follow. The protocol describes on what days you should take a microdose, and on what days you should not.

For beginners, we recommend using a schedule named the Beginner Protocol. And for more experienced users, the Advanced Protocol can offer a significant upgrade in terms of maintaining mood and flow state.

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