Grow Kit


Do you want to grow your own Magic Mushrooms for microdosing?

With the Microdose Pro Grow Kit you will be able to grow your own magic mushrooms within three weeks.

The Microdose Pro Grow Kit:

  • Is perfect for microdosing
  • Will deliver at least 2 cropses
  • Will produce fresh Magic Mushrooms within three weeks
  • Includes our Grow Manual

Important: Store the Grow Kit in the fridge after delivery. Expire date after one month.

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Golden Teacher strain

This Grow Kit contains the psilocybe cubensis “Golden Teacher” mushroom, known for its didactic effects and unknown origin. The Golden Teacher is known for its golden hats and special shamanic abilities and is very popular because of its easy and fast growth.

With this strain, the first crop is often the smallest, the second is usually much larger. Due to the quality of the mushroom, the active ingredient content is significantly higher than that of most traditional grow kits on the market.

In the box

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1200 ml grow box
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 paperclips


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