Podcast #4: Microdose Coaching & Psychedelic Research | Djai Baaten & Asha Sultana

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Hey micronauts,

I hope you’re riding the wave of life beautifully today.

I’ve got some exciting news to share! Our latest podcast episode is up and running, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

In this special episode, I’m joined by Djai, our clinical director, psychologist, and neuropsychologist.

Together we unpacked a wide range of topics:

  • Djai’s journey into the world of psychedelics and his unique perspective on the current state of affairs.
  • A deep dive into the therapeutic use of psychedelics and how they can foster new perspectives.
  • The crucial elements of set, setting, and integration in psychedelic experiences.
  • The medicalization of psychedelics and the ethical considerations within the market.
  • Djai’s take on microdosing critiques and the intriguing findings from microdosing studies on rats.
  • The art of finding the ‘sweet spot’ in microdosing and its evolving nature.

Hear it straight from him…

Check out the entire podcast below, on YouTube:

or on Spotify:


0:00 – 8:08 Djai’s Background
8:08 – 11:30 Djai’s perspective on current state of affairs
11:30 – 20:26 How Djai got into psychedelics and research
20:26 – 24:00 Psychedelics and forming new perspectives in a therapeutic context
24:00 – 28:11 The importance of set, setting, and integration
28:11 – 33:00 The medicalization of psychedelics
33:00 – 43:46 Ethics, and market dynamics
43:46 -1:02:24 Djai’s views on critiques on microdosing
1:02:14 – 1:07:58 Microdosing studies on rats / brain activity
1:07:58 – 1:16:15 Not feeling anything when microdosing / Preperation for new microdosers
1:16:15 – 1:19:00 Benefits of guidance, therapy, and community 1
:19:00 – 1:20:45 The importance of the sweet spot
1:20:45 – 1:22:48 Lowering of the sweet spot after multiple cycles
1:22:48 – 1:28:50 Djai’s definition of microdosing
1:28:50 – 1:44:20 What is Djai reading?
1:44:20 – 1:47:08 Outro

Are you interested in microdose coaching after listening to this conversation?

To schedule a one-on-one call with Asha, follow this link: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Check out more Microdose Coaching options: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Download the Sweetspot Journal app here:

Also check out our new Microdosing Course by neuropsychologist Djai Baaten.

I’ll be back soon with another podcast, so stay tuned.

Share your reflections and insights with our vibrant Facebook group and/or in our Discord channel.

For now,

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.


2 thought on “Podcast #4: Microdose Coaching & Psychedelic Research | Djai Baaten & Asha Sultana”

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  • Hi Asha and Djai,
    What a lovely podcast! Usually I get a bit bored with podcasts over 1 hour but here I wanted to keep hanging out with you ☺️…so well articulated, nuanced, “thought through” and thoroughly reflected upon and at the same time infused with empathy, warmth and respect – thank you!

    Asha, you know I started my first microdosing experience Nov 9 last year and now I have recently upgraded to the combo truffles, Lion’s Mane and Niacin. I will book a single session with you to discuss how things are evolving, especially with regards to a big turning point in my life.

    And Djai, you were talking about your utopian dream of giving people the opportunity to have a psychedelic experience in a safe environment including the integration afterwards. I have been looking for that kind of opportunity for some time now. I’m quite new to this; apart from an Ayahuasca ceremony last year, I have not taken any other substances since I didn’t trust the setting. With your background and personality, you inspired total trust and I would love to be able to take that journey under your control, as a step on my way towards an even more authentic life.

    I live in Brussels but could easily come to Amsterdam for a weekend say, should that be possible to arrange. Payment would be taken care of in advance for maximum commitment from my side.

    At any rate, thank you both of you again for being such trustworthy partners with high quality standards for everything: substances, processes and interaction with people. Your role and functions are invaluable and I wish you much joy and fulfillment in everything you do!

    With gratitude,

    • Asha Sultana
      8 February 2024 11:50

      Ah thank you, Tina!

      You are so very kind and generous with your feedback❣️

      I’m glad you are doing so well on your journey and that you are feeling ready for the next step. I am connecting you with Djai via email so that you can discuss further.

      Community members like you are is really the guiding light for everything that we do and feel so pleased that we can be of service.

      Not only am I looking forward to our next catch up, but also to the release of our conversation on our podcast channel.

      Big hugs!

      Asha ✨


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