What is the Difference Between Mushrooms and Truffles?

If there is one thing we can count on fungi for is their wide diversity. The fungi kingdom is said to have approximately 144,000 known species including yeast, mold, and mushrooms. 

Mushrooms can then be further segmented as edible, psychoactive, poisonous, functional, etc.

For this discussion and in terms of psychoactive fungi, psilocybin truffles, and magic mushrooms both contain a psychoactive compound called psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic substance. 

The main differences are their potency (i.e. psilocybin content), their appearance, and the way they are produced.

Not your gourmet truffles

Truffles are well known in the culinary industry as a very sought-after gourmet ingredient. Unique in flavor and costly to use, these gourmet edible truffles are not the same as psilocybin truffles.

Psilocybin truffles are also known as “magic truffles” or “philosopher’s stones.” They are the underground part of the mushroom and are produced by the same fungus that produces magic mushrooms. 

Truffles have a rounded shape and are usually small in size. They grow underground and have the appearance of small dark balls.

Our psilocybin truffles are of the Mexicana strain and are delivered fresh and vacuum-sealed.

Psilocybin truffles are produced by the mycelium of certain species of psychedelic mushrooms. Mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus that grows underground and consists of a network of thread-like structures called hyphae. The mycelium of psilocybin-containing mushrooms can produce two types of structures: the above-ground fruiting body (the mushroom) and the underground sclerotia (the truffle).

Magic mushrooms as fruit

Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, are the above-ground fruiting bodies of the same fungus. They have a distinct cap and stem and can vary in size, shape, and color depending on the species. The magic mushrooms strain produced from our grow kits is Golden Teachers. 

The dosage of psilocybin truffles and magic mushrooms varies depending on the species and the individual, but in general, truffles are significantly less potent than magic mushrooms.

What’s the ideal microdosing range?

The dosage of psilocybin is usually measured in grams, and the recommended microdosing dosage for our Mexicana truffles is between 0.25 grams and 1.5 grams.

When microdosing with magic mushrooms such as Golden Teachers, the ideal dosage is anywhere between 0.1 grams and 0.3 grams.

Another important difference worth noting is that truffles are fresh, which explains the vacuum pack packaging. 

When consuming Golden Teachers from the grow kit, these must first be dried before consuming. See our Facebook group and Discord channel for more information on growing your own Golden Teachers.

When using magic mushrooms for microdosing, small increments make a big difference. 

Anything above the indicated microdosing dosages for both truffles or mushrooms would no longer be considered a microdose but perhaps a recreational dose or even a hero’s dose.

Whatever your dose of choice, do your best to keep your intention clear. Why this particular amount and what am I looking to get from such an experience? For more details, read our previous article on How to Find Your Sweet Spot.

It has been said that the magic is in the dosage and I fully agree.

I believe that it’s vital to be clear on our motives and ideal outcomes when taking on any practice or discipline.

Tracking and journaling are also quite important parts of any microdosing practice. Tracking our doses and defining our intentions will go a long way toward informing us of what works for us, and what doesn’t.

If you haven’t downloaded our microdosing app Sweetspot Journal yet, do so now for iOS or Android!


As always, flow strong.

Asha  ✨

8 thought on “What is the Difference Between Mushrooms and Truffles?”

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  • You write here:
    “When microdosing with magic mushrooms such as Golden Teachers, the ideal dosage is anywhere between 0.1 grams and 0.3 grams.”

    Are you talking about your fresh truffles? Does this make sense? As you write at other places, that you are shipping golden teacher truffles and each of the dosages has around 1gram. …
    This is confusing and one might assume that one should only take a tenth or a third of a vacuum-packed single dose for a microdose. Or do you mean the dried weight of the truffles at this point? This makes it even more confusing because who dries the truffles before using them. By the way, can you actually dry truffles like you do with the fruit bodies?

    • Asha Sultana
      13 November 2023 09:20

      Hi Nico,

      Thanks so much for your question, here is the clarification.

      Truffles and mushrooms are different types of fungi.

      Truffles are approximately 10x less potent that psychoactive mushrooms like Golden Teachers.

      Truffles are grown and shipped fresh, each is approximately 1gm and there are 6 in a strip.

      Ideal starting dose is between 0.25gm and 0.5gm of truffles.

      Golden Teachers are high potency psychoactive mushrooms and they are harvest from grow kits.

      Once harvested, they must be dried before being consumed. A microdose of dried magic mushrooms (golden teachers) starts at 0.1gm and a maximum of 0.3gm.

      You can see that the dosage of Golden Teachers is much lower than truffles.

      The dosages above are within the guidelines of a non-intoxicating microdose.

      Exceeding 0.3 grams of magic mushrooms is no longer considered a microdose and more of a recreational dose.
      Exceeding 1.5 grams of truffles is no longer considered a microdose and more of a recreational dose.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions

      Asha ✨

      • Hi, Thanks for the clarification. It makes sense now.
        … I still wondering about the dried truffels. Why are you not shipping them dried? Is this a legal issue? … But beside that, doesnt it makes sense to dry the truffels, if you’re not using it directly or want to keep it for months to come? Doesnt drying the truffels would greatly increase their durability? Instead of having to store it in a refrigerator, the powder could be stored anywhere. And the dosage would also be easier to organize. Powder is much easier to calculate. Or am I wrong?

      • Asha Sultana
        16 November 2023 12:29

        Hi Nico,

        Dried truffles are ideal for a longer shelf life and matter of personal preference.

        Hope this helps


  • Nothing. Nothing at all. I have ADHD. Maybe my nervoussystem work differently..

    • Asha Sultana
      7 November 2023 09:34

      There are a lot of factors at play such as:

      – did you take them on a full stomach?
      – are you currently taking any other medications?
      – have you been exposed to large quantities of alcohol lately?

  • I was curiuos about the potency of the truffles so I just ate 8 g (if one gram is one of the six in the strip) . When I go to lay down on The sofa I saw this article. Well. Lets see what happens..

    • Asha Sultana
      7 November 2023 09:33


      We do not recommend taking so many truffles in one go, especially as a beginner.


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