The Power of Anonymous Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness

The Power of Anonymous Acts of Kindness

I recently wrote a piece called How to 10x Your Microdosing Practice.

One of the items on the list to implement in your life is Anonymous and Random Acts of Kindness. 

What do I mean by this?

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

The Butterfly Effect

Let’s start with a phenomenon called The Butterfly Effect.

It is a concept within chaos theory that suggests that small, seemingly insignificant actions or events can have far-reaching and significant consequences in complex systems. 

Usually described by using the metaphor of a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world, that in turn sets off a series of chain reactions that have the potential to result in a tornado occurring in another part of the world.

The interconnectedness of our world is not to be denied but noticed. Bringing this into a context of human behavior and social connections, The Butterfly Effect suggests that even the smallest actions or decisions we make can have unintended and profound consequences.

Our choices influence others and ripple through society in ways we could never predict. 

Acts of Kindness

Random and anonymous acts of kindness are a practice that is performed without expecting recognition or reciprocation. 

These acts are often small gestures of kindness, such as helping a stranger in need, paying for someone’s meal, or offering words of encouragement. 

The anonymity aspect means that the person performing the act remains unknown to the recipient.

Random anonymous acts of kindness have the power to create positive ripple effects in society that we could never fully understand.

Such encounters not only brighten someone’s day, but even restores faith in humanity, and inspire others to do the same. 

While the immediate impact may seem small, the cumulative effect of these acts is potent and significant in addition to nurturing a culture of kindness and compassion all around you.

I also like to call this practice Give A Little, Get A Lot.

A Two-Way Street

Let’s be honest for a minute, this practice benefits not only the recipient but also the anonymous giver too

One day, I had a golden opportunity to pay for someone’s coffee. 

She was sitting a few tables from me and frantically trying to hide her tears. 

Something must have triggered a flood of emotions from her in such a public place. 

I quickly called my waiter over, asked for this person’s bill, and swore the waiter to secrecy. I didn’t want to alert her to my actions in any way.

I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed AND also to feel that she needed to thank me. 

I wanted her to know that sometimes magical things happen, for no reason at all.

I can’t describe the feeling accurately enough through the use of language, you just gotta feel it for yourself.


Ideas for random and anonymous acts of kindness include: 

  • Paying for someone’s parking, toll, coffee, or meal
  • Calling over the manager of an establishment and giving anonymous praise to the person that served you
  • Leaving a kind note on someone’s car windshield
  • Send plants to a nursing home to be looked after by seniors
  • Ask your local religious establishment what your community needs most and do that
  • Send an anonymous care package to a women’s shelter
  • Keep pre-made toiletry bags in the car to give to persons sleeping rough
  • Bring baked goods to your local fire station and/or police station
  • Talk to the person that seems out of place at a social event
  • Genuinely smile at strangers

This one is my personal favorite; if you see that a young woman is having a tricky time on a date with someone, pretend you know her and give her a chance to get out of that situation.

This list could be much longer, and your creativity is invited here.

Tell us about what random acts of kindness you have performed. 

How did it make you feel? 

Did the anonymous aspect make it even more magical for you and the recipient?


Let me know your thoughts on social channels like our Facebook group or Discord channel.

Or send me a private email at asha [at]


Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.

Asha ✨

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  • Its all conected in Oneness. Tha act of giving and you open up to recive. Its npt seperate acts its all just oneness🎯❤


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