10X your Microdosing Practice with these 8 Habits

Microdosing Habits

10X your Microdosing Practice with these 8 Habits

Microdosing is what I call a subtle but potent practice. Some notice the effects immediately, while others can sometimes take a few weeks to notice. Sooner or later, you will know how you feel about microdosing psilocybin and how it impacts your life.

Here below, I’ve compiled some practices and habits that will not only help you notice the effects of microdosing in your life sooner, but arguably in more potent ways.

Each of the practices listed is simple, fairly accessible, and worth experimenting with.

Remember: microdosing is not a silver bullet. 

Rather, I define it as a leg up to help us to improve the quality of our lives, the tone of our perspective, and our behaviors.

Here’s what I invite you to experiment with in your lives and during your microdosing practice.

1. Breathing

Breathwork is very powerful. Ranging from box breathing to kundalini breathwork and including the physiological sigh. 

Intentional breathwork is not only going to help stabilize your mood and focus but will also provide your brain with an adequate amount of oxygenation for ideal performance and cognition.

To learn more about the different types of breathwork, Othership is leading the way with its highly-rated app.

2. Yoga

The meaning of Yoga is union. To be and feel united with ourselves and the world around us. 

Correct breathing is also part of any yoga practice. Practicing balance, presence, and breathwork while microdosing not only helps us find our sweet spot but is conducive to noticing when our behaviors and perspectives start to change and improve.

One of my favorite ways to practice yoga is with Boho Beautiful. The clear instructions, stunning locations, and lots of free content for all different fitness levels, this is a well-thought-out and wonderfully executed yoga platform.

3. Play, Adventure, Exploration

New experiences are vital to a sense of well-being. Exposing ourselves to the potential of feeling awe is medicine in it. 

While microdosing, it is deeply valuable to lean into adventure, playtime, and exploration. 

Spending time in nature, time with children and animals, or while enjoying a hobby, exposing ourselves to such experiences is an amplifier of any microdosing practice.

4. Meditation

The term ‘sub-perceptual’ dose is something that is currently being discussed within the industry. 

The argument is that there is a felt sense when microdosing, which there is. A felt sense, but not a buzz of feeling high. This rather elusive nuance is likely to be noticed more by those that meditate regularly. 

Allowing ourselves to drop into our bodies, clear our minds and be still will add many valuable layers to your microdosing practice. 

Headspace is an excellent resource to get you started.

5. Cold Exposure

Cold water immersion is nearly a hotter topic than microdosing these days. 

I believe that the benefits of cold water immersion are still being explored and discovered and suffice it to say that based on what we know now, this is a deeply beneficial practice in general. 

Cold water exposure in itself clears our minds and resets our bodies in very potent ways. Combining this practice while microdosing is a powerful combination.

6. Resistance Training

Resistance training is no longer something that would be nice to do, it’s vital. 

The cognitive and physiological benefits of resistance training are potent and not to be dismissed. Different than a cardiovascular routine or a weight lifting protocol, resistance training is currently being researched for its ability to promote neuroplasticity. 

Including resistance training several times a week while microdosing is a way to turbo-charge your practice and your overall well-being. 

Here’s a very popular video to get you started!

7. Journaling / Tracking

Last but not least, journaling or tracking

I consider this to be a foundational aspect of any microdosing practice. One to which the other practices like breathing, yoga, and meditation, all rest. When we track our microdosing journey, we not only track our doses but also include other metrics of success such as the practices mentioned above. The act of tracking our resistance training sessions, cold water exposure or, yoga class, we are likely to perform them more often. 

The act of journaling our thoughts in longer form allows us to run the hose on our emotions. Let our thoughts live on paper so that we can execute our lives from a more centered perspective. 

Tracking and journaling are not only impactful to our microdosing practice, but I would argue that they are vital.

8. Gratitude

Technically, a gratitude practice could nestle itself nicely into our journaling process but let me share with you how I do gratitude.

I have two techniques; one is called PROnoia and the other is Bookmarking.

PROnoia is noting all the things that didn’t go wrong. Things like not tripping down the stairs earlier or getting into a car accident on my way to a meeting or simply not having a toothache today. 

I don’t normally have toothaches, and noticing the enjoyment of not having that kind of pain right now is just fantastic!

Bookmarking is when the planets align and I experience a sense of peace and awe. A sense of awe when in nature, a sense of peace when at home alone, or in the face of something absolutely delightful. 

I bookmark the sensation in my body, the thoughts in my mind and my perspective at large. I put a pin in it like a GPS tracker so I can easily find my way back to those feelings on days that are more challenging.  


9. Random Acts of Kindness

This bonus habit may seem out of place, but hear me out. 

When we are microdosing, there is a lightness of being that is hard to describe with words. There is a subtle but potent newfound level of emotional resiliency. 

When we feel like we can cope and when we don’t feel like we are drowning. We don’t feel panicked, we are entirely different versions of ourselves. 

From this new vantage point, performing random acts of kindness is so thrilling and also wildly exhilarating. Secretly paying for someone’s lunch, or leaving a sweet but anonymous note on a car windshield feels good, really really good.

Not taking any credit for a random act of kindness we’ve carried out is a beautiful secret to hold in our hearts.

Sharing our lightness of being, quietly and secretly only multiples and amplifies the happy vibes in our lives. I promise that this is a practice worth trying. 

Do something kind for someone today, and remember, don’t take the credit and especially don’t let anyone find out about it!

10. Reduce and/or Eliminate

This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention the benefit of eliminating and reducing certain behaviors, habits, and practices. 

Although there is no steadfast rule against smoking, drinking alcohol, or coffee while microdosing, you may notice that reducing or eliminating them will boost any microdosing practice and overall quality of life.

As per one of my favorite quotes, Bruce Lee said: “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own”. 

My invitation is that you experiment with the habits that most interest you and leave the rest. Explore what currently resonates and see how that feels in your body and how that fits into your life.

What have you learned about yourself since microdosing? What other habits have you included with your microdosing practice? Is there anything I’ve left out in my list above?

Tell us in the comments below and be sure to keep in touch via our Facebook group and/or in our Discord channel.


As always, flow strong.

Asha ✨

14 thought on “10X your Microdosing Practice with these 8 Habits”

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  • Hi Asha,
    Great article and very very helpful. i’ve been microdosing for two weeks now and although at the beginning my stomach hurt now I feel really well and everything you say resonates. I started swimming again every morning and it feels really good. I fact I am trying to do them all.
    Thanks again for such good list. 💛

    • Asha Sultana
      27 August 2023 11:49

      Hello Barbara,

      So glad to hear that you enjoyed the article!

      How have you been since then? Still swimming?

  • This is something different; I make note of you saying that you have used mushrooms for detoxing from heavy metals. That I believe is my problem – do you have any advice of which mushrooms?

    • Asha Sultana
      4 June 2023 13:55

      Hi Ditte,

      Well, to be honest the best way to detox from heavy metals is high quality algae (aka seaweed). I use functional mushrooms to help with the other effects of heavy metal poisoning such as gut issues, inflammation, thyroid support, cognitive support, burn out and immune system.

      Our Mushroom Essentials Complex product includes a blend of 4 functional mushrooms (Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps) and these 4 target the effects mentioned above.

      Chelating from heavy metal poisoning is a long process and one that must be repeated often. To be honest, it’s arguably a life’s work

      Looking forward to your thoughts.

  • Thanks for the article! But where is the video about resistance training?

  • Nigel mcguane
    1 June 2023 15:51

    Great read , grateful for your company as I start my journey

    • Asha Sultana
      4 June 2023 13:51

      Hi Nigel,

      I’m so glad that you are getting good value from our content. This makes us so very happy ✨

  • Chak Resh
    1 June 2023 14:21

    This is as if u read my mind. I am waiting for mds to arrive, maybe by next week and during the period I want to prepare, specially what I want from MD and ‘habits’ I should enhance, depress or include new ones.
    Eight out of 10 are already a part with a caveat. I Unfortunately, I get into periods when I don’t follow more than one or two.
    Resistance training is something I know almost nothing about. I believe it us essential specially for older people, 65+ and I need to get started.
    I find your gratitude method/process v interesting and will see how I can use it. I am extremely greatful and do get some joy from all the good things that have happened to me.

    Yogic breathing as well as Tumo/Wim Hof (I do one session each, though it’s a simpler Tumo that I do. Cold baths are wonderful energizers, though it’s only 10C.

    I can share a one or two things I do or intend to do.

    Give genuine complements is a part of me. In daily life one intersects with a lot of people. I find myself complementing them because I just want them to know that I appreciate what they do. Of course, it makes me feel good to have people around who are being their amazing selves.
    One thing that gives me joy is young people. There are so many, say under 30, who are full of positive energy, motivation and knowledge. You are an amazing example of what I am talking about. U probably are half my age. Your knowledge, your dedication and commitment are admirable. I have learnt a lot from you and I know that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I am involved in two small projects, one with youngsters who have problems getting on with their lives and the other is high performance kids. All kids have an internal glow, in some cases it’s being supressed by all kinds of negativity these kids are exposed to. It’s amazing to see them spring into action with eyes glowing when they realize that people care and they can achieve their dreams.
    With the other group, it’s making them realize humility, gratitude and sharing. These are competitive youngsters who have the highest motivation and work hard to over achieve. Balance and calm is what they sometimes lack. Getting them to meditate and visualize so that they can channel their energies better.

    Thanks for listening and thank you for your support and advice.

    I use NLP for bringing about changes and keeping a positive attitude. I use hypnosis and visualization. This is what I am doing now is to have a 3 year vision and plan to get there in small steps.
    I also use brainwave entrainment, specially for sleeping, attempting to lucid dream.

    This excellent blog has given me structure on which to build my path forward. The reason I have periods of utter laziness is because I lack a holistic structure. The back side of being totally free, with no commitments is falling into inactivity and day dreaming.
    Last thing I would like to mention is that I have started to realize that one I am not active, just hanging around, surfing YouTube is when things start to break down and I feel dissatisfied with my day and leading to more of the same. I feel amazing when I have been V active, doing things that need to be done and give me pleasure.
    So, I hope I will have a clearer path towards my objectives.

    • Asha Sultana
      4 June 2023 14:03

      Hi Chak,

      Wow, what a wonderful share, thank you!

      I can see that you are a beloved and valuable member of your community. We thank you for that.

      Also, you are all up to date with what techniques work and seem to have a good handle on those. There are a lot of points raised in my article and I don’t expect anyone to be 100% on each of them every day. We do the best we can and then surrender. Gentleness is the only thing that is mandatory.

      You raise a very good point and something I should have included in the article, dopamine overload. People like us that are very curious can spend a lot of time on youtube and that can be insidious. The constant flow of dopamine from watching stuff online can make us apathetic and less active, and that in itself starts a whole domino effect that eventually will need to be corrected.

      Perhaps I will post an addendum to my blog and include a dopamine detox protocol.

      Thanks again for sharing, for your valuable insights and your very kind and generous compliments ❣️

  • Carlos Aparicio
    1 June 2023 14:02

    Great article and really good recommendations.Personally I regularly practice all of them.Yesterday I received my starter pack, so looking forward to feel the experience and share It. Thanks a lot.God Bless

    • Asha Sultana
      4 June 2023 13:50

      Hi Carlos!

      So great that you are already practicing these already. Keep us posted on your progress when you can.


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