Starter Gift Pack


The perfect gift for a transformational start to the new year

What’s better than giving your best friend, family member, or loved one a journey to self-exploration? With this gift pack, you’ll be gifting everything a person needs to get started with microdosing.

This product comes in a gift wrap with a personal, handwritten card – ready to leave under the Christmas tree.

The Starter Gift Pack contains:

  • Two Microdose Pro Strips (worth €28,-)
  • Microdosing Scale (worth €14,-)
  • Free Access to our “How To Microdose” Course by Neuropsychologist Djai Baaten (worth €50,-)
  • Microdosing Workshop (online)
  • Microdose Manual including protocol (pdf)
  • Access to our microdosing app Sweetspot to track your progress
  • Free shipping!

And if you order before Christmas, you’ll receive another microdosing strip for free! This way, you can start the journey together with your friend, family member, or loved one. So what are you waiting for?

This product must be stored in a cool place.

Shipping: Truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands and can therefore be shipped to all EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. Due to our high successful delivery rate (> 98%), we currently have a delivery guarantee for most orders within the EU. Have a look at the “Shipping Information” tab for the details.

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What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming a small dose of psilocybin truffles and harnessing the effects to improve your mood, productivity, creativity, or other forms of personal growth.

Because you only take a small fraction of a recreational dose, you will not experience any trippy effects or hallucinations.

However, the effects on your creative output, intellectual capacity, and general well-being can be substantial.
Many people who have incorporated microdosing into their professional routine report an overall better mood, increased awareness, higher levels of focus, deeper flow states, and an increase in creativity and productivity.

Why microdosing?

At Microdose Pro, we strongly believe that psilocybin can play a major role in improving human performance across various domains and that this practice will grow significantly in years to come.

In the past years, many entrepreneurs, self-improvement experts, and social influencers have reported the positive effects of microdosing, which has led to an exponential increase in global interest.

How does microdosing work?

We will deliver two strips containing twelve doses of psilocybin truffles (sclerotia) to your doorstep. Each microdose contains one gram of truffles.
For beginners, we recommend using a schedule named the Beginner Protocol. For more experienced users, the Advanced Protocol is a valuable alternative. Read more about protocols on the protocol tab.

How long can I microdose with a Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack comes with two strips of truffles, each containing 6 grams – enough to microdose for at least six weeks on the beginner protocol. Sealed truffles can be kept two to three months after delivery when cooled

Access to our microdosing app Sweetspot

For the past two years, we have been working together with our clients to create a custom microdosing app. The app is called Sweetspot Journal and helps beginning and advanced microdosers to find their personal optimal dose (the Sweet Spot).

You can use the app to set an intention, track your dosages, and journal daily about your experience. This way, you can track your progress over time and get the most out of your microdosing journey.

The app is available for both Apple and Android phones.

Sweetspot Microdose App
Sweetspot Microdose App


Delivery Guarantee

Because of our high successful delivery rate within the European Union (> 98%), we provide most of our EU customers with a delivery guarantee: If your order does not end up at its destination, we’ll send you a new one or refund the total order amount back to your bank account upon request.

* This guarantee does not count for the following islands: Malta, Cyprus, and all of the Canary Islands.

IMPORTANT! When you order this product as a gift for Christmas or New Year, make sure to calculate the delivery time properly, so that your present will arrive in time. At this moment, we do not experience any delays within our shipping network. If this changes, we will notify you on this page and through email.

Shipping information

We ship this product within the European Union. Shipping times per country:

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All islands (Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca but also islands like Corsica and Sassari, etc) Deutsche Post 7 – 9 workdays
All other countries outside of the EU Deutsche Post 7 – 9 workdays

Shipping to islands

We ship to islands that fall under the European Union area, such as the Canary Islands, Madeira, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca – but also islands like Corsica and Sassari, however, longer shipping times apply. If you’re living on an island, you can expect to receive your order within 14 days, but we do not give any guarantees. Please contact support if you’re unsure about the actual shipping time to your destination.

Delivery information

Delivery attempts: 2
Discreet shipping: Yes (enable this during the check-out process)
Track & Trace: Yes
Sign for Delivery: No
Insured parcel: Yes
Parcel replaced if stopped by customs: Yes
Ship to packing stations: No
Ship to PO box: No
Delivered by: Local postal services

Delivery during the holidays

The holidays are a challenging period for our shipping partners due to the immense volume of packages being shipped every day. We try to do our best to meet the mentioned shipping times, but please understand that delays might occur, especially regarding international shipments. We will provide regular shipping updates whenever the network does get congested.


Microdosing Protocols

Beginner Protocol

The method is simple and easy to follow: One day on, two days off.

Take a microdose on Day 1, and take a break on Day 2 and Day 3. Then, on Day 4, repeat the process and take a microdose again.

So, in short:

Day 1: Take a microdose.
Day 2: Do not take a microdose.
Day 3: Do not take a microdose.
Day 4: Repeat -> Start on Day 1 again.

Do this for a few weeks and notice how you react. How does it affect your creativity, your productivity, and your mood?

It is common to experience some slight after-effects on the day after taking a microdose (Day 2). On Day 3, you will be  back in  your normal state. Try to feel the differences between each day, and be sure to take notes.

A good way to measure effects is to track your experiences in a journal or a log. This way you can get more accurate and meaningful insights into your progress over a prolonged period of time.

Advanced Protocol

The Advanced Protocol goes as follows: Four days on, three days off.

Take a microdose on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 and take a break on Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7. Then, on Day 8, repeat the process and take a microdose again.

So, in short:

Day 1: Take a microdose.
Day 2: Take a microdose.
Day 3: Take a microdose.
Day 4: Take a microdose.
Day 5: Do not take a microdose.
Day 6: Do not take a microdose.
Day 7: Do not take a microdose.
Day 8: Repeat -> Start on Day 1 again.

As with the Beginner Protocol, it’s important to track your experiences in a journal or log.

43 reviews for Starter Gift Pack

  1. Norah

    Amazing experience, felt more in tune with my emotions the whole day. It shuts up the “I gotta, gotta, gotta” voice for me! ?

  2. Erich

    Loved it! Thanks for introducing me Kai!

  3. Danai

    Awsome choice for everyone that wants some boost in his daily productivity and creativity.

  4. Shannen

    As you can see it didn’t work on me in a way that I was more creative or productive. It made me have a better connection with myself and others around me. So it helps me in my own development.

  5. Bob

    Nicely packed and dosed. Fast and discrete shipping.

  6. Lorraine

    The Mircodose helped me focus much more!!! It came as a blessing. I finished one month and will keep on trying it for one more ?

  7. Emma

    On the days that i took the microdose, i didn’t feel like doing anything, just enjoy being. I felt like having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. The days in between, my mood was great and I was productive. Also lot’s on insights, thankful.

  8. Daphne

    I loved the handwritten text that was found in the package. It personalized the purchase with micropro. I felt more focused on the days that I was microdosing and felt like I enjoyed more what I was doing on that day. I was definitely more present.

  9. Abel

    I wanted to wait a while till I had used it for a couple of weeks before sharing my thoughts.
    The first day I took a half portion and did not feel so much. The second day I decided to go all the way and took my first full portions. This is how my day looked like:
    I made some thea from it and the taste wasn’t that bad. After 45 min it kicked in and I felt really positive and energized. It gave me extra motivation to sport and it felt really good to sport in combination with music. It felt a little bit like a small discoparty. Afterwards I took a cold shower and was extra motivated to work on stuff I normally postpone. I did all my administration and got lots of work done. I have been taking it for a few weeks 3 times a week. I generally notice that
    it gives me more focus, more energy and just sort of clears my mind for new ideas.
    Thank you for the experience! And keep up the good work!

  10. S.

    It helped me to overcome my depression. Using these truffles was pretty amazing. I felt stronger and energy levels went up. It was like having fresh air in my head. Thank you.

  11. Al

    I can say it’s been a game-changer for me. After following the protocol for a while I started having an easier approach to life. I was more excited and proactive: when I had to start a new project, I didn’t feel that initial “anxiety” of getting into a new activity. On top of that my chronic pain improved too. Definitely helped.

  12. Olga

    I generally had a positive experience but I would not advertise it for “improving focus”. I did feel the easy from worries and non-clinical anxiety, I could only guess that it worked like antidepressants (I never took any so I can’t judge). It helped me to let go of tensions. However, even though I took 1/4 of the dose, it was not natural for me to concentrate, I felt a bit disorientated. I also didn’t like the effect whilst doing my regular yoga / meditation. Better without.
    The verdict is that I can reccomend it on the free day, when you need to unwind and don’t have important things lined up.

  13. Bert

    Very good product, very good service.
    Great feeling, I take about 0,5g of the trufles in beginners protocol with the lion mane 2X2.
    Very light buzz, feel happy and more sociabele overall.
    Thank you for this excellent service and product.

  14. Daniel

    Very glad with first results and ready for advanced protocol.

    I feel me more relax, my concentration is better,

  15. Roel

    Still learning how 2 use it in the best way

  16. Barbara

    The product is great, unfortunately, 2 of the microdose got mold buy you customer support team handle very good the issue, I would definitely get another package

  17. Annemarie

    I really liked the experience and the service!

  18. Andrea

    Microdosing helped open doors to my inner creativity that have been shut for a long time. I can feel positive ideas and projects bubble up in my mind!

    It has strengthened the body awareness as well.

  19. Luc

    Microdosing helped me clearing the fog I was carrying around after my depression. After the first dose I experienced a renewed connection with the earth again, felt like I landed. After all doses I can say I am more relaxt, more productive and more creative overall. Thanks for this experience! Will have a regular checkup now and then.

  20. Marli

    Microdosing has had a significant and positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing and I can recommend it to anyone! Thanks, Microdose Pro for offering not only a high-quality product but also a supportive experience. Much love <3

  21. Marco

    Hey Nils and Gino,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing. Thank you for going the extra mile, not only by building an awesome brand/community but by personally dedicating yourselves to it and spreading the love. It is amazing, you make me feel more like a friend than a customer. I can tell that you believe in what you’re doing and are not just doing it for the money, which is awesome. The tips are great, the Spotify playlists are out of this realm, and the podcasts very insightful. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to that app, I’m pretty sure that whatever I might think the app needs, you guys already thought of, but I’ll do my part by spreading the word.

    All we need is love

    Wish you all the best and kind regards,

  22. Simonas

    It works. For personal reasons i didn’t followed program, i did 1 day microdose and 4 or 5 days off, but my mood improved drastically, productivity as well and it helped me to deal with such mental hit as best friends death… TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!

  23. Catrin

    This has been a game changer for my mental health in general. Only downside, the doses were very different in size so I highly recommend that you buy a microgram scale to make sure you have a reasonable amount as I was quite effected two of the days due to a too large dose.

  24. Henry

    The customer follow-up service is great. It doesn’t feel like there hounding you and I actually feel like they want to help. These are little packages of wounded and have sparked my interest to research more into the effects of psilocybin and other fungi.

    There is a lot to be said with these and even my wife noticed a difference in me. I use these to be a better person and to appreciate life that’s the deep answer I can give you. On the other hand I can chop up and mix jungle drum and bass all night and not get bored. These are great for creativity and for positivity.

  25. Marc


  26. Nate

    Loved it

  27. Maureen

    It helped me for my mood, energy, sleep and creativity! Def doing this again

  28. Jay

    I’ve been doing it for a while now. I would say I can feel constant improvement in the mood.

  29. Trent

    Was skeptical in the beginnig but I have to say that the positive effects are outstanding.

  30. Rutger

    Love Microdose Pro, really helpful for my mood, creativity, productivity and focus. It’s a real gamechanger!

  31. Alberto

    The government should distribute this for free for public health!

  32. Carlo

    Good product. It Really helps with the mood and creativity. Loved the packaging

  33. Rosa

    This was my first experience with micro dosing. It was really successful for my creativity!R

  34. Sara

    Interesting effects while concepting and brainstorming

  35. Danai

    Awsome choice for everyone that wants some boost in his daily productivity and creativity

  36. Bruno

    A nice boost for energy and productivity. I Totally recommend it.

  37. Paul

    finally found a microdosing system that works. it was a true all round much needed boost. after a couple of months its time for a short break, excited about firing shit up again. great customer support too. dank u wel !

  38. Gareth

    I find the Microdose Beginners Protocol to be an enriching experience, journaling and reflecting on daily intentions while microdosing has been a very positive experience for me.

  39. Kris

    Hey! Well. I finished my first strip 1 week ago. I bought the starter pack, so I got two and I decided to continue on with the second strip right after.

    I will be taking at least a week off when I am done with this in 2 weeks ^^Its quite neat already and I do feel a boost in my mood, but I feel a big difference when I talk to people, it feels amazing! Also, its easier for me to switch from task to task and stay focused for a longer time, which is good when you have adhd :p Happy thoughts!

  40. Peter

    I love it. I feel like I can accomplish a lot even on days where I sleep bad!

    For the record, sleeping bad have nothing to do the with truffles

  41. Uzair

    It definitely helped with my articulation that impacts my productivity and somewhat calmness. I’m a guy all over the place.

  42. Susanna

    It’s hard to describe but Microdosing made me more productive and ironed out the negatives

    Certainly helped buoy me up. The information from yourselves was very good

  43. Krzysz rzysztof Krzystyniak

    Quick dispatch of order. Very good quality of product and service. I had problem with my package so they sent me second one and I received after 2 days. Highly recommend

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