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Muscle for the brain meets mental stamina for workouts? I had to try this.

You’ve heard about this “microdosing” by now, no doubt - taking very small amounts of a psychedelic substance to improve and enhance your mental state?

People microdose with various psychedelics, including psilocybin. This is a natural active compound found in magic mushrooms or magic truffles – the underground, “ingrown” version of the mushroom that looks like a brown lumpen ball. Steve Jobs microdosed, as have a bunch of modern celebs – seen the Netflix documentary, Have a nice trip? Psilocybin truffles are legal in the Netherlands, 100% natural, and safe.

So out of curiosity, content strategist Gareth decided to try them. Write about what you know, right?

Other reasons that motivated me:

  • Microdosing psilocybin is said to achieve better focus, creativity, or productivity for work – this is why the practice really took off in Silicon Valley in the USA, where I.T. professionals dealing with complex challenges needed to relax, boost, and focus their brains.
  • It is reported to lift your mood or help you feel more at ease in social settings.
  • I have OCD and have always been looking for new solutions that can improve my daily life.
  • People who do things like yoga, strength training, swimming, or cycling claim that they gain more energy and stamina, and can train for longer after microdosing. I cycle.
  • While coffee gives you a crazy focus hyper-tuning you to the task at hand, it soon dies off and leaves you more tired than before. The calm focus of microdosing is supposed to be very different. I drink a lot of coffee.Unnamed


One day, a small blister pack arrived in my post box, containing six psilocybin truffle microdoses, and I began my microdosing experience.

My microdosing experience:

After swallowing the first microdose with a glass of water, I didn’t notice much of an effect for several hours.

I happily read my latest book for a while, made lunch, watched something on Netflix (they really need to make better fantasy series, don’t they?), then went for a walk by the river.

That’s when it sort of kicked in a bit.

Colors seemed more vivid to me, and everything caught my eye – branches waving in the breeze, a pair of birds whizzing overhead, a dog barking at a toddler in a pram. Everything was just more … interesting. I felt a sudden glow of happiness – it was Saturday, it was sunny, my neighborhood felt like home. This glow stayed with me, at a slightly lower level, for the rest of the day. That night, I slept well. The next time I microdosed was on a busy Tuesday. What I noticed was how deeply absorbed I became in my work. The kind of tasks that normally felt boring was more interesting than usual. I had podcasts playing in the background while I worked, and became fascinated by the discussions without being distracted from my work.

One evening, I felt a profound wave of love sweep over me; for my family, my friends … my cat! I can’t completely blame it on the microdosing; The Cars’ Drive was playing on Spotify. Some people say microdosing has helped their relationships or helped them to be a bit kinder and warmer to others. On the days between microdosing, I didn’t miss it, which reassured me that you don’t develop an addiction to it.

I’m no fitness fanatic, so I can’t attest to being able to train harder or longer, but certainly, I had a reasonable level of energy during the three weeks I microdosed.

microdosing description

On microdosing days, I often developed a gentle “buzz” in the early evening; a feeling of being just a tiny bit high. I felt more attuned to the changing light and temperature and found myself relaxing in the same place for a while, almost meditating.

One day, I had an excellent online meeting, to get a brief on a blog I had to write about a new CMS. Pretty ordinary subject matter, but I ended up having a fascinating conversation with this web developer about the world of CMS.

One morning, after a row with my girlfriend, I decided to microdose even though I had done so the day before. I was in a rotten mood and wanted

Source Microdose Pro

to lift it. That didn’t happen. Instead, I developed a feeling of anxiety for a couple of hours, a feeling that I wasn’t in control of my life. This taught me two things – it’s better to stick to the three-day pattern and, most especially, do not microdose if you’re in a bad mood because it might amplify it.

That one time aside, my first microdosing experience was great. All in all, I found I had more focus when working; was more alert to the world around me and not so self-absorbed; felt happier more of the time; felt calmer and generally less anxious, and felt less tired than usual.

I can’t really see any drawbacks to the practice and I personally experienced the perks. It feels much healthier than the more mainstream – and highly addictive – habits of smoking and drinking.

I’d certainly do it again.

Are you looking for a way to elevate your spirits and enrich your daily experience?

I’ve personally embarked on this journey with a microdosing pack from Microdose Pro, the innovative Amsterdam-based start-up. Beyond mere productivity, the founders, Gino Taselaar, Kai Bennink, and Nils Paar, aim to revolutionize our approach to emotional well-being. Gino shares his vision, deeply inspired by the pioneers of Silicon Valley:

“In a world where tech leaders like Google and Apple thrive, we find a community dedicated not only to work but to well-being. Silicon Valley’s professionals are turning to microdosing not just to sharpen their minds but to brighten their moods, to inspire creativity, and to bring a sense of greater joy to their everyday lives.’ Let’s embrace this holistic approach to happiness, one microdose at a time.”

In its online shop, Microdosing Pro sells fresh psilocybin truffles in €14 blister packs, with each blister pack containing six one-gram truffle microdoses – enough for an affordable three-week microdosing experience. The truffles are sourced from one select organic farm and are processed and packed with all the required health and safety protocols in place.

It’s easy to take the microdoses; you cut out your gram of fresh truffle from the blister strip in the pack. Then you just swallow it with a glass of water or your favorite smoothie. It’s best to microdose in the morning, otherwise, you might feel a bit too alert to sleep, I found a couple of times. Most people agree that you only need to take a microdose every three days because you’ll often still feel the positive effects of microdosing a day or two after taking a microdose (I often found myself highly productive and focused on the day after a microdose).

Truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands and can therefore be shipped to all EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. Microdosing is not advisable if you are pregnant or have a mental disorder and the practice is only intended for persons aged 18 years and older.