Microdosing and Intimacy: A Journey into Deeper Connections


Deep connection and sincere intimacy are deeply nourishing, impossible to fake, and unique dynamics between people.

These kinds of deep relationships can be rare and also deeply familiar. It is irreplaceable and arguably mandatory for our emotional well-being.

A place where we can be unequivocally ourselves. To know someone will show up for us and that we are ready to show up for them.

It’s probably safe to say that the 21st century is giving us all our homework and keeping our lives full and busy.

Despite how natural and easy deep relationships can be, they still need tending to, nurturing, and care.

Defining Microdosing

Microdosing is defined as the practice of consuming sub-perceptual—unnoticeably small—amounts of a psychedelic substance, such as psilocybin, a few times per week (not daily) for a maximum of 6-8 weeks.

This nuanced form of dosing has many benefits; allows the user to maintain full control at all times, is optimized for maximum safety, and has a titrated integration process.

By definition, there is no buzz or sense of intoxication felt when microdosing. 

Nonetheless, this intermittent, short-term term, and sub-perceptual practice is currently being studied for its notable impact on cognitive and emotional processes.

Protocols and Dosages

Microdosing hinges on precision— a structured routine combined with meticulously measured doses of psilocybin underpin this tailored practice.

There are several protocols to explore and the Fadiman Protocol is most suitable for beginners and newbies.

Once the protocol has been decided, the ideal dosages are defined via experimentation and are unique to each individual.

Knowing your ideal Sweet Spot dosage is essential to an enjoyable microdosing experience.

Tracking and journaling are two additional practices that underpin the ideal Sweet Spot dosages.

Enhancing Emotional Connectivity Through Microdosing

In the 4 years since Microdose Pro has been operating, we’ve heard many anecdotal reports of unexpected but positive consequences of microdosing.

We’ve heard our community report that microdosing has allowed them access to a more resilient and balanced state of mind.

We’ve also heard about how this practice has greatly reduced social anxiety, generalized aggression (at home or in the home), increased patience, increased ability to be present, improved ability to listen, and access to a deeper level of empathy.

Microdosing psilocybin often facilitates a richer emotional dialogue, bolstering the depth of intimate exchanges.

No matter how solid your intimate connections are, deeper listening and sharper attunement are often really good ideas.

The Role of Microdosing in Deepening Empathy and Understanding

Have you ever heard of the term ‘bids for connection’?

This term was coined by Dr. John Gottman, a pioneer in the field of romantic partnerships.

Well, according to him, one of the biggest predictors of trouble in a relationship is when bids of connection are left unmet.

A bid for connection is when someone in our lives attempts to share a moment. Bids can be something like them trying to show you something, sending you a message for no reason, or bringing you a cup of water/tea. Anything to connect for a brief moment.

If this ‘bid’ goes unnoticed, unreciprocated, and undervalued then the other person is likely to stop making bids.

This is where microdosing comes in.

This fMRI scan of the brain under the influence of psilocybin shows downregulated activity throughout every region of the brain including the amygdala.

What this shows us is that our brain is less activated overall.

This reduced brain activation allows us to feel less overwhelmed, allows us to feel more present, and allows us to notice the magic in the mundane.

Reduced overwhelm allows us to notice the bids of affection from the other. The lack of overwhelm allows us to reciprocate. The lack of overwhelm allows us to enjoy the moment that was bid for.

Microdosing and Communication: Breaking Down Barriers

Psychedelics can dilute the walls of misunderstanding and smooth the edges of interpersonal interactions. This practice allows us to tap into a heightened sense of empathy and connection, to perceive and express emotions more fluidly.

Consequently, communication barriers become more penetrable, and microdosers find themselves engaging in dialogues that are both more empathetic and authentic.

Emotional connection is fortified and bonds are deeper than ever.

The connection deepens with a shared psychedelic language

Sometimes, it’s the non-verbal communication. Silence can speak volumes in a language that two people understand.

Microdosing helps us become available to these subtle but important moments.

Microdosing can polish the lens through which we view our partners, clarifying intentions and desires without the noise of everyday distractions.

Emotional Amplification

Psychoactive compounds are known to be amplifiers. They will amplify whatever is happening or whatever needs tending to.

Even on a sub-perceptual level, microdosing psilocybin allows subtle cues to become pronounced. From here we can do the delicate dance of emotional reciprocity with heightened awareness, which then can lead to profound moments of connection.

And just like that we now have a positive upward cycle in motion!

Enhanced Empathy

Microdosing psilocybin potentially magnifies one’s capacity for empathy, therefore enhancing intimate experiences in profound ways.

  1. Heightened Perceptiveness: Microdosers tend to become more attuned to their partner’s bids for connection and emotional states.
  2. Increased Emotional Resonance: Shared feelings might seem more intense, reinforcing a sense of connection.
  3. Enriched Communication: Conversations may gain depth as each person becomes more open and emotionally available.

Increased Vulnerability

Microdosing can allow for a heightened state of emotional openness and sensitivity.

  1. Emotional Exposure: Microdosers might find themselves more emotionally accessible and expressive.
  2. Deepened Trust: A willingness to be vulnerable can lead to the establishment of deeper trust between partners.
  3. Lowered Guard: Personal defenses often soften, allowing for more genuine interactions.
  4. Enhanced Introspection: Engaging in self-examination can become more appealing, reinforcing personal growth. Such vulnerability paves the way for more authentic and profound connections.

Lowered emotional barriers are required for deep connection, intimacy, and understanding.

Conversations become open and boundaries, more navigable.

Opening the door to vulnerability, microdosing may facilitate discussions touching the heart of matters often left silent.

There’s something about psychoactive compounds that not only allow us to speak our minds and hearts more but also enable us to be better listeners. 

So the see-saw of positive reinforcement is activated. Each person shares freely knowing they are likely to be emphatically heard and seen. The other has an opportunity to listen and hear what has been shared.

Such bonding moments can last a lifetime.

Microdosing and Sensuality: A New Dimension of Intimacy

You may or may not know that there are seasoned and skilled psychonaut couples out there who take MDMA at home once a month as a type of therapy to work on their relationship.

This monthly at-home couple therapy practice is how some keep the connection strong and the communication honest.

Although effective for some, I do not recommend implementing this routine into your life for many reasons.

However, microdosing psilocybin as a couple may be an ideal alternative.

Microdosing is arguably very safe, it allows us to be completely in control at all times and allows for a gentle integration process.

Mindfulness and Presence: Microdosing’s Role in Intimate Moments

Intimacy is all about feeling as comfortable, safe, and at ease as possible.

Intimacy means that there is no performance required, just presence.

Microdosing allows for more access to presence, both in our bodies and in the moment.

Feeling good in our bodies, without a buzz or a rush or a high is great fodder for deeply intimate moments.

Who would we be in our intimate moments without feeling self-conscious or distracted?

How would our intimate moments improve if we expressed ourselves more and listened better?

How would our relationships change if we were generally more playful, adventurous, centered, and comfortable?

Physical Sensation Shifts

Microdosers often report an enhanced sensitivity to touch, an effect likely related to psilocybin’s serotonergic action, which intensifies tactile awareness. This may translate to a heightened appreciation of textures, pressures, and temperatures, thus potentially enriching physical intimacy and the subtleties of sensual exchange.

The interplay between mind and body becomes more pronounced, as microdosing appears to tune the nervous system to a more receptive state. This heightened sensory response can act as a catalyst for deeper emotional and physical connections, creating a space where touch is not just felt but deeply experienced.

Heightened Senses

Microdosing can amplify sensory perception, creating a tapestry of intensified experiences during intimate moments.

  1. Visual Acuity: Enhanced color perception and visual detail can make the environment and your partner appear more vivid.
  2. Auditory Sensitivity: Subtle sounds may become more distinct, enriching the auditory backdrop of intimacy.
  3. Tactile Enhancement: A deeper awareness of touch may increase the physical connection and the intensity of tactile sensations. This sensory amplification can interlace with emotional receptivity, potentially forging a more profound bond.

Each sense, augmented in its way, contributes to a mosaic of heightened intimacy, potentially making every moment feel significantly more resonant.

Altered Sexual Response

Intimacy can transcend the familiar.

While effects are deeply personal – as each person’s chemistry and psyche uniquely interact with psychedelic substances – some report a marked increase in libido, alongside prolonged and more intense orgasmic responses. This potential enhancement of sexual experience can renew passion and invigorate personal connections.

Current research suggests that microdosing can influence neural connectivity, possibly recalibrating the way we perceive and engage in sexual activity. Given this evolving field’s nascent stage, conclusive data is still forthcoming, but anecdotal evidence hints at diverse and potentially enriching impacts on intimate experiences.

Relationship Dynamics Change

Microdosing can subtly modulate the emotional currents between partners, often enhancing empathy and deepening the attunement to each other’s needs and desires.

These shifts in relational dynamics might not only revive dormant passions but also encourage a more heart-centered engagement, enabling couples to navigate their shared journey with renewed grace and vulnerability.

Communication Patterns

Microdosing may influence intimate communication, augmenting both verbal and non-verbal exchanges.

  1. Enhanced Expressiveness: Microdosing can lower barriers, encouraging partners to share more deeply and authentically.
  2. Greater Empathetic Resonance: It has the potential to heighten one’s ability to understand and respond to a partner’s emotional states.
  3. Reduced Defensive Reactions: There may be a significant decrease in guarded responses, fostering a space for more genuine dialogue.
  4. Increased Openness to Feedback: Individuals might become more receptive to their partner’s perspectives, enhancing mutual growth. These changes in communication are foundational to nurturing more meaningful connections.

Amplified emotional intelligence can lead to richer, more heartfelt conversations within intimate experiences.

Conflict Resolution Effects

Microdosing may subtly shift conflict dynamics, facilitating more constructive interactions.

  • Elevated Perspective-Taking: Participants often report an increased capacity to understand divergent viewpoints.
  • Calmer Responses to Conflict: There may be a diminishment in emotional reactivity, allowing for more measured exchanges.
  • Heightened Patience: Individuals might find themselves more willing to endure the discomfort of resolving differences.
  • Improved Non-Defensive Listening: A significant aspect of resolution is the ability to listen without immediately reacting defensively – microdosing could enhance this quality.

By tuning down defensive postures, microdosing creates a space where resolution is approached with empathy and openness.

It’s not simply about resolving the conflict – it’s about learning from it to strengthen the relationship fabric.

The Future of Research in Microdosing and Sexuality

As societal fascination with microdosing burgeons, so too does interest in its impact on sexual experiences. Recognizing the importance of conducting ethically sound investigations in this area will be key to advancements.

Conclusive findings remain scarce in the realm of psychedelics and intimacy. The emergence of evidence-based insights will greatly influence the future narrative.

To date, anecdotal testimonies suggest potential enhancements in emotional connectivity and sensory perception due to microdosing. Yet rigorous empirical studies are necessary to validate such claims.

Researchers are beginning to forge paths to understand the interplay between psychedelics and sexual experiences, with early studies hinting at complex psychophysiological effects. Exploring this terra incognita could revolutionize approaches to sexual health and intimacy.

Prevailing cultural shifts and the progressive decriminalization of psychedelics may catalyze academic interest in this domain, potentially paving the way for groundbreaking research that elucidates the nuances of psilocybin’s role in supportive partnerships and individual self-exploration.

Ultimately, the nexus between microdosing’s effect on intimacy remains largely uncharted. Pioneering empirical research could unlock profound insights into how sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics impact our most intimate human connections.

Conclusion: Mindful Integration of Microdosing in Intimate Relationships

Intimacy is a word reserved for only sexual dynamics.

Intimacy also applies to relationships like family and friends.

Because microdosing can potentially enhance emotional resonance, whether romantic or not microdosers might find a new dimension of closeness, rooting their connection even further.

Regardless of the quality of your relationships, deep or shallow, chances are microdosing will allow you to interact in new and positive ways.

If you or both of you are microdosing it’s important to have deliberate conversations while tracking your doses and journaling your experience.

My closing words to you are that there are, of course, no silver bullets. Microdosing can be a great adjunct to the habits that currently exist in your relationship. There are no silver bullets and that includes psychoactive substances.

Be sure to check in with your doctor before starting any kind of microdosing protocol.

If you get the ok and you feel this is right for you, then light some candles, put on some Pink Floyd, and have a wonderful time bonding and reconnecting.

As always,

Flow strong

Asha ✨


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