Podcast #1: Neuroplasticity, Macrodosing, Protocols & More – Asha & Nils

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Hey micronauts,

Asha here, with some amazing news.

I am going to pick up our podcast again. We recorded some earlier podcasts when we just got started with Microdose Pro, but shifted our attention to other things when building the brand and community.

We got a lot of great feedback however, and I urged the team to pick it up again.

In this first episode, I sit down with one of the founders, Nils, and discuss a wide range of topics on microdosing. Myself, I am a microdosing coach and the community manager at Microdose Pro.

This conversation was a lot of fun!

Check out the entire podcast below, on YouTube:

or on Spotify:


0:00 – 05:04 Introduction / Intention for the podcast
05:04 – 10:50 Who is Asha Sultana? / History and expertise of Asha
10:50 – 16:30 Neuroplasticity and Asha’s theory of how it looks like in reality
16:30 – 17:00 Psilocybin and music perception
17:00 – 22:20 The interplay between science and spirituality when it comes to psychedelics
22:20 – 27:04 How Nils got into microdosing / The multiple use cases for microdosing
27:04 – 29:45 How Nils his motivations changed and how microdosing played a role in that / Integration
29:45 – 36:28 Macrodosing in relation to microdosing / Non-ordinary states of consciousness
36:28 – 40:00 Modern psychedelic research and how Asha and Nils’s views differ
40:00 – 50:00 Psychedelics being implemented in Western society / specialist versus generalist approach / Self-agency
50:00 – 54:25 Asha’s update of the definition of microdosing /
54:25 – 01:00:40 Microdosing Protocols and how they have developed throughout the years / Stacking
01:00:40 – 01:07:30 Sweet Spot changes during cycles and microdosing before sleep
01:07:30 – 01:14:40 Microdosing research, limitations, opportunities, and biomarkers
01:14:40 – 01:25:24 What Nils is reading at the moment / Surrendering / Intuition / No microdosing period
01:25:24 – 01:31:14 What Asha is reading / Remembering who you are / Process optimization
01:31:14 – 01:34:00 What Asha loves most about microdose coaching
01:34:00 Outro

Are you interested in microdose coaching after listening to this conversation?

To schedule a one-on-one call with Asha, follow this link: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Check out more Microdose Coaching options: https://www.microdose-pro.com/coaching/

Download the Sweetspot Journal app here:

Also check out our new Microdosing Course by neuropsychologist Djai Baaten.

I’ll be back soon with another podcast, so stay tuned.

For now,

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.


2 thought on “Podcast #1: Neuroplasticity, Macrodosing, Protocols & More – Asha & Nils”

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  • Maria Vidal
    6 November 2023 19:31

    My name is Maria and I had a full experience in my own life in this year with psilocybine mushrooms. I would like to share.
    Right now I am working in diferent ad new projects that I could find with mushrooms help. For this reason I will be in Amsterdam from november 23-25th. I dont’t know if it is posible to visit you somwere ?

    • Asha Sultana
      7 November 2023 09:36

      Hello Maria,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so glad to hear that you had a positive experience.

      We do not have an official office or shop, but I will email you in case you want to talk via Zoom perhaps?

      Warm regards,

      Asha ✨


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