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We know you live a busy life and sometimes simply forget to order new microdose strips. Therefore, we’ve created something special for you: monthly subscriptions.

With this new service, we’re removing the hassle of constantly making sure you have sufficient truffles at home.

Our Microdose Pro truffles are specially designed for microdosing and shipped every month in a fresh state so that you can stay in the flow without even thinking about it.

For €11,20 per months (excluding shipping), we bring our product to your doorstep at the beginning of every month, to ensure you have the freshest of fresh truffles to consume when it suits you best.

What our customers say about microdosing

Frequently Asked Questions

Expect your pack to be shipped on the first workday after signing up, continuing with your second pack exactly one month later. Want to know the progress of your order? We’ll send you tracking info via email as soon as it leaves our warehouse!

  • 20% to up to 50% discount on your microdosing strips regular price, depending on how many strips you order
  • Always have the freshest of truffles at your availability for microdosing
  • Receive your products whenever and wherever you want
  • Pause / cancel at any time
  • We want to make your subscription experience as easy as possible. This means that you can pause at any time you want (no contracts or whatsoever). But this is not all.When you think you’re not going to microdose because you are going on a vacation, you can simply pause for a month. We prefer you pause your subscription when you’re not using it, as we want to provide you with the freshest of truffles possible.You can manage your subscription by logging into your account and going to the “My Subscription” section. Click on “Suspend” to automatically pause your subscription. Click on “Activate” to then again reactivate your subscription.

Yes you can. Submit your subscription order including the extra products you want to receive, and we ship the whole order to your doorstep at your first subscription delivery. Do you have an active subscription and you want to add extra products to your next shipment? Please log into your subscription account and add which one-time products you’d want to receive. Have a look at a step-by-step guide here.

The best way to order multiple strips is to order one monthly subscription and then change the amount of strips you want to receive during the checkout process. A step-by-step guide on how to add extra products can be found here.

Since everyones microdosing schedule is so unique, we give you the possibility to your change subscription interval to one that fits your needs. Our subscriptions work with a standard four weeks interval. If you prefer fresh truffles every three- or, for example, six weeks, you can change the interval in your account after purchase. Just create an account, place your subscription order, and manage the interval of your next shipment here.

Important consideration

A big part of being a microdoser is engaging in personal responsibility. We must develop and understand our own routines and schedule. Some compounds and supplements require breaks or pauses. See here below for important guidelines for microdosing truffles, doing a stack or supplementing with Lion’s Mane.

Psilocybin truffles tolerance considerations:

There is currently not sufficient research regarding tolerance and microdosing psilocybin. Some benefit from microdosing twice a week, others prefer to microdose five days a week with a whole month’s break. Please be mindful of what works for you and track your own progress. We always recommend to take a break after one to two months of microdosing to let your system reset to its base level.

Lion’s Mane tolerance considerations:

Lion’s Mane is a functional non-psychoactive mushroom and does not require any pauses or breaks. It benefits the human body in a cumulative way and can be taken without interruption.

Microdosing is all about taking the right dose, at the right time, and in a consistent way. A monthly subscription supports you in adopting microdosing as a consistent habit.

For more information on the High Vibration Pack read here.
For more information on Lion’s Mane read here.

See this link for instructions on how to manage your monthly subscriptions.

We call this a triple win: save more, automate delivery, and enjoy an uninterrupted routine!