Microdose Pro subscription guide

To ensure that you receive Microdose Pro products every month without having to order each time, you can “subscribe” to any of our products. Our subscriptions are flexible. Once you have subscribed you can pause or cancel a subscription at any time, update your delivery address, or change other details.

Here we outline how to:

  • Create a subscription
  • Order a subscription
  • Update a subscription
  • Create a new subscription
  • Add a one-time product to your next delivery


Create a subscription

To begin, simply click on the subscriptions tab on the home page and select the subscription you want.


Order a subscription

Click on the subscription you want and you will go to the checkout page on our subscription website, https://human-pro.com/. Here’s what happens then.


Alter quantity and place order

Here you will see the subscription you’ve added to your cart. You might want to alter the number of products, for example, if you are ordering for yourself as well as others. Once you’re happy with the quantity, you must click on update basket before proceeding, or the new quantity won’t save.


Decide on shipping

Nosy sister? Disapproving flatmate? You can choose how you want your order to be shipped. Regular shipping means that your package will be sent with Microdose Pro branding and contact details on it. Discreet shipping means that the package will be sent in a plain brown box, with no Microdose Pro branding or references.


Order confirmation 

Here you can see how the confirmation of your order will look. Scan over the details to make sure they’re right and then it’s done and dusted – we will get to work processing your order.


Update a subscription

Log into your Microdose Pro account at any time by clicking on account on our home page, or by entering the URL https://www.microdose-pro.com/my-account in your browser (and bookmarking it for future visits).

Once you are logged in, click on subscriptions. You will see the status of your subscriptions and the next payment date(s) for any that are active. Click on view to open a specific subscription. 

When you click on view, here’s how your subscription will display.

Click on the relevant bar at right to:

  • Change where your subscription is delivered to.
  • Change how often you receive your subscription.
  • Change your next delivery date.
  • Suspend (pause) your subscription – maybe you’re taking a short trip?
  • Simply reactivate it when you’re ready again.

You can also cancel a subscription whenever you want to. Simply click suspend and confirm.


Create a new subscription

Perhaps you want to receive another Microdose Pro product at different intervals, or at a different address from that used in an existing subscription. You can shop Microdose Pro and create a new subscription to your existing account. Just go to https://www.microdose-pro.com/ and repeat the process.


Add a one-time product to your next delivery

Want to try out a new Microdose Pro product you just heard about? Or gift a friend with a Mushroom Essential Complex or cool Microdose Pro cap? Simply add it to your next delivery without subscribing to it (it won’t repeat every month).



Any questions? Email hello@microdose-pro.com and we’ll be happy to assist.