How To “Activate” Your Microdose


So, you may or may not know that there’s a robust microdosing community on Reddit.

The Microdosing group on Reddit has over 252,000 members. Yup, that many.

Within the group, an interesting topic popped up, and it’s something I wanted to discuss with you guys.

How do you activate your Microdose? Have you ever considered it before?

Well, according to this online conversation, there are lots of ways to activate our microdoses.

More than anything, microdosers are intuitively figuring out what works best for them, and their techniques vary.

Walk On By

In this article, I will particularly focus on the ways moving through space impacts our microdosing experience.

Walking, running, swimming, and cycling are ways that we move through space and consequently soothe our nervous system, but more on this later.

For now, let’s have a look at some of the tricks that support their microdosing practice, maybe you can borrow some in your life or add to the conversation with your very own suggestion.

Two months ago, the conversation on how to activate our microdose on Reddit started when someone asked: 

“I found that taking a 30-60min walk “activates” my microdose better, it also gives me a longer afterglow. Has anyone experienced something similar?”

Answers to this have included both comments of being in complete agreement, while others have described their preferred microdosing day activities 

This user, Haunting_Way_9785 immediately replied to the question with:

“I always go on a walk when I microdose. I find that if I walk with no headphones, no input, just me and the open air, I experience the most profound personal insights and appreciation for life. It’s pretty spectacular. Highly recommend 10/10”

The pattern that I notice in all the replies is that some sort of passive activity, semi-meditative activity, seems to “activate” their dose.

Some people say that they enjoy doing yoga just after their microdose, some practice breathing techniques like Wim Hof, and for others, it’s mowing the lawn with headphones on.

This Redditor (is that a word?) shares the experience of riding an electric bike when microdosing.

Huberman’s Take 

Perhaps it’s time to include some of Dr. Andrew Huberman’s findings and associate them with this topic.

Here’s a great clip of Dr. Huberman talking about the importance of a specific morning routine, which of course, includes walking.


Keeping in step with the topic (pun intended), let’s review some of the declarations that Huberman made regarding the general benefits of walking, especially in the morning. 

Firstly, an activity like walking (moving through space) activates Lateral Eye Movements also known as Optic Flow, which in itself turns down activity in the amygdala. 

This area of the brain is involved in threat and threat detection and consequently feelings of anxiety, stress, and/or overwhelm.

Moving through space (walking, cycling, running, swimming) while being active induces a natural calm and reduced activity in these brain circuits.

Walking in the morning also comes with the added benefit of balancing our melatonin, and our circadian rhythms, and getting good-quality sunlight into our eyes.

Keeping In Step

Another Redditor explained it all quite nicely and pragmatically when they said:

“I notice small things even more on my MD walks, and find more pleasure in looking at the sky, trees, birds, squirrels, and acorns on the ground. I just feel more connected to nature at those times.”

This conversation on Reddit does go beyond the scope of running, walking, and cycling to include the likes of coffee.

So you might want to have a read of the conversation there and see if there are any that you are also intuitively doing or if are you, like me, learning lots of new tips.

Let us know in the comments below, and remember to catch me for some one-on-one time in our Facebook group and Discord channel.

As always, flow strong.

Asha ✨

4 thought on “How To “Activate” Your Microdose”

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  • Great topic, thanks Asha! Huberman’s video is unfortunately no longer available :/

    • Asha Sultana
      5 April 2024 13:43

      Hi Fred!

      So glad you liked the topic 🙂 I’ve gone ahead and updated the link so you can have a look now.

      I’m curious, do you activate your microdose in any particular way?

      Asha ✨

  • Thanks for this article, Asha! Uncanny timing as I’m going on Colin O’Bradys 12-hour walk (no phone/music, etc. Just me and nature.) next weekend… so I’ll definitely save my next Dose for that day.

    FYI, you wrote at the end of the article:

    “Another Redditor explained it all quite nicely and pragmatically when they said:”

    But their comment seems to be missing.

    Love and flow!

    • Asha Sultana
      5 April 2024 13:45

      Hi Karyel,

      Oooooh your upcoming 12 hour walk sounds amazing! I hope you tell us all about it and even send some pics from the day!

      I’ve updated the missing link for the Reddit comment…thank you so much for being so sharp and spotting that 🧐

      Keep us posted!

      Asha ✨


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