Longevity Research

At Human Pro, our core mission is to develop innovative tools and strategies to enhance physical health and overall well-being. We believe in empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

A big part of achieving this mission is to optimize our bodies for aging and longevity.

By understanding the mechanisms of longevity, individuals can take more informed and proactive steps toward their health. This knowledge allows for early intervention, lifestyle adjustments, and personalized health strategies.


Why longevity matters

  • Defining longevity: The concept of longevity encompasses not only the idea of living a long life (lifespan) but also often implies a life marked by good health and vitality (healthspan). 
  • Quality of life: Living longer offers the opportunity to experience more of life’s joys and achievements. It means more time with loved ones, the ability to see future generations grow, and the chance to pursue personal goals and interests that might require a longer life span. 
  • Societal impact: As life expectancies increase globally, understanding how to age healthily becomes crucial for societal well-being, reducing healthcare burdens and improving the quality of life for older populations.

The need for research in longevity

  • Complex nature of aging: Aging is a complex, multifaceted process. Research helps in unraveling these complexities, leading to breakthroughs in age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, and more. 
  • Technological advances: With rapid advancements in biotechnology and medicine, longevity research is more promising than ever, offering the potential for revolutionary health benefits. 
  • Personalized approaches: Each individual ages differently. Research helps in developing personalized health strategies tailored to individual aging processes.
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Building a community-driven research platform

We want to empower our community and give them co-ownership in directing the funding of longevity research.

  • Our vision: In the future, we aim to establish a community-driven platform dedicated to funding and guiding longevity research. This platform will democratize the research process, allowing for broader participation and input. 
  • Community involvement: Members of our community will have a say in the direction of the research. This includes deciding which projects receive funding and having a voice in shaping the research agenda. 
  • Ownership and engagement: By giving the community a level of ownership, we ensure that the research is aligned with the interests and needs of those it aims to benefit. This engagement fosters a deeper connection and commitment to the cause of longevity.
  • Funding future innovations: Our platform will not only support current research initiatives but also invest in future innovations, ensuring sustained progress in the field of longevity. Eventually, our aim is to let everyone who contributes to our platform also benefit financially.

Join our mission

Become a part of our journey towards a healthier, longer future. Join our community, contribute to the conversation, and help shape the future of longevity research.

As of 2024 we automatically donate €1 per month from every customer that holds a subscription to a longevity research project. 

At the end of every quarter, we will send out a short survey to all subscription holders to select what longevity research project we will donate our collected funds to. 

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, simply buy one of our subscriptions in the shop.