Your Monthly Upgrade #2 | May 2022

Your Monthly Upgrade #2 | May 2022

Your Monthly Upgrade is a collection of psychedelic resources selected by Microdose Pro’s co-founder Nils. 

Welcome to the second edition of your monthly upgrade. 

Before I dive into it, I want to thank all of you for the amazing engagement following last month’s email.

I’ve been receiving a lot of thought-provoking questions, book- and reading suggestions, and even some nice product proposals (more on this soon)! 

It’s incredible to see so many people getting involved in psychedelics, and we’re brainstorming how we can involve the community more, also more on this in June (Be sure to join the Microdose Pro Facebook community with over 2.300 micronauts if you haven’t yet).

Ok, let’s get into it.

Podcasts I’m listening to


I often like to dive deep into one specific topic at a time. 

This month I have been kind of obsessed with the work of psychedelic legend William (Bill) Richards. 

Richards is one of the key figures in psychedelic research and forms a bridge between studies that have been taking place during the 60s and today’s new wave of psychedelic research.

His work focuses predominantly on how psychedelics can induce religious and spiritual experiences. 

In this podcast with neuroscientist Dr. James Cooke, Richards discusses topics such as mystical consciousness and the value of psilocybin-occasioned mystical experiences and their healing potential.



I love the technical breakdown of the difference between visionary consciousness, mystical consciousness, and Jungian archetypes. Definitely worth a listen.

My favorite quote from the podcast:

“The ultimate psychedelic insight is that love is the ultimate nature of the energy that makes the world. Love is intelligent creative energy.”

Books I’m reading


If you like the podcast above and the topics it touches on, I would highly recommend getting a copy of Richards’ book Sacred Knowledge (no affiliate).


Sacred Knowledge
Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experience

Richards outlines with great historical detail how psychedelics (entheogens is the term he prefers) can induce states of mystical consciousness, and how these psychedelic induced states compare to religious experiences.

The most valuable part of the book starts perhaps at the epilogue, where Richards shares his key psychedelic insights to explore, a vast bibliography, and the complete playlist that was used in the Johns Hopkins psilocybin studies. 

I found someone who made an awesome Spotify playlist of it with over 90k followers and have been playing it all month, it’s worth checking out if you’re into classical music.

You can read my full book review on Goodreads.

Videos I’m watching


This month I rewatched the famous 2010 documentary on DMT, called DMT: The Spirit Molecule

The documentary is based on the research of Dr. Rick Strassman and is narrated by Joe Rogan (with hair). 

Back in 2010, this was one of the videos that really got me interested in psychedelics. 

What I find most fascinating is that Strassman (a clinical associate professor of psychiatry) started his own Zen Buddhism meditation practice after his first experience with LSD, but after researching DMT, he updated his view and stated that the Buddhist paradigm might not be fully able to explain and integrate his DMT experiences.

This implies that DMT and LSD have profoundly different effects on the human psyche, this is in contrast with Richards, who states that all classical psychedelic substances more or less have the same effect.

Where do you stand on this one?

Companies I am following

Staying with DMT, interesting things are happening right now.

DMT is quite an “extreme” psychedelic when it comes to the intensity of the experience and only lasts a few minutes, but some biotech companies are currently trying to create an “improved” DMT analog. 

For example, Cybin is currently developing a deuterated DMT called CYB004 that will be less intense and will have a longer duration period, in order to be used for the treatment of anxiety disorders.


MindMed presents first data on LSD as anxiety treatment research

The most exciting piece of news this month came from New York-based company MindMed, as it released the first results of its highly anticipated LSD-as medicine project.

The goal of the study (Phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled) was to treat anxiety orders in 46 patients with a high dose of LSD.

The results were very positive, as the study found that 65% of patients saw their anxiety levels drop by at least 30% from where they were before treatment.

Even more interestingly, because there was no additional therapy being given to participants, this suggests that LSD has inherent healing potential.


This month MindMed presented their first results of their study to use LSD as a treatment for anxiety.

Of course, more research is needed and the full data set has not yet been released by MindMed, but these are extremely promising first results.

Read a more in-depth article on the MindMed study on Psychedelic Spotlight.

Experiment I’m running


Last month I wrote that I am currently tracking my physiological health using my Oura ring (no affiliate) and that I am trying to find out if I can see a significant change in biomarkers like HRV when microdosing.

This will definitely be no placebo-controlled study, but I hope it will give me some more objective insights into how microdosing might affect me, and it’s just a fun way to be more engaged in the practice.

I’ll need some more time in order to be able to do a statistical comparison, when ready I will post an update on the blog.

Music I’m listening to


Whenever I’m in a state of flow or deep work, I almost always listen to some psychedelic tracks in combination with binaural beats. 

I found some amazing tracks again this month and updated both Microdose Pro Radio playlists on Spotify, check them out:

Tune in to the Deep Work playlist:

Tune in to the Hyperflow playlist:

Also check out my Binaural Beats for Focus playlist here.

Review of the month


We receive a bunch of reviews every month, but this Facebook comment in our community really was a special one, had to share it!

“Nearly five weeks now, and these are the things I’m noticing.

1. Incredible tolerance to people no matter how objectionable, ignorant, or just plain nasty.

2. Going to bed before 10pm every night and waking up two or three minutes before my 5:30 alarm clock. Working in two different careers with which are ones where you need to think fast on your feet and I’m smashing it.

3. Found it’s best to take my dose 30 minutes before bedtime.

4. I’m seriously overweight and unfit from years of neglect, but now ride a bike and have started skipping (I used to box) so my lung capacity is improving day by day.

5. Concentration levels are amazing and as a consequence of this, I am currently rewiring my house through online learning. I feel like I have come to microdosing 30 years too late but I’m making up for it now. I hope you are all doing well too! ” 

-Charlie in the Microdose Pro Facebook Community


Claim your Discount (until June 1st)


It looks like May is going to be a record-breaking month for Microdose Pro. We onboarded two new people on the team and are close to having our best month so far. 

In order to celebrate our growth and achieve our milestone for sure, I decided to create a discount code that will last until the first of June.

Use the code UPGRADE and get a 15% off store-wide.

That’s it for this month.

If you have any podcast recommendations, book tips, cool tracks, or anything else, feel free to reach out and send them to me by replying to this email or by sending a dm.

For now, have a great Thursday and enjoy your weekend.


Flow strong,


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