Your Monthly Upgrade #3 | June 2022

Your Monthly Upgrade #3 | June 2022

Your Monthly Upgrade is a collection of psychedelic resources selected by Microdose Pro’s co-founder Nils. 

Welcome to the third edition of your monthly upgrade. 

Thanks for all the replies and reading suggestions to last month’s email, some valuable recommendations yet again.

Many of you asked for an update on the things we are working on behind the scenes, Gino will send a separate update later next week to keep you in the loop with all things Microdose Pro.

Let’s get straight into it.

Podcasts I’m listening to


A common term when we talk about microdosing is the so-called “flow state”. We even have an entire chapter on flow in our Microdose Manual.

But what exactly is flow?

One of my favorite podcasts of all time is a discussion between August Bradley and Steven Kotler on the Mind & Machine podcast.

In this talk, Kotler gives a technical explanation of what flow is, when it occurs, and how you can design your life in order to achieve more flow.



This truly is a hidden gem in my view, I have added over 25 notes from it to my Readwise daily review.

My favorite quote from the podcast:

“If you take a high-flow lifestyle and couple it to purpose, that’s the best we get to feel on the planet.”

Books I’m reading


The Psychedelic Future of the Mind by Thomas B. Roberts.

This is a really enjoyable book in which the author hypothesizes how psychedelics will have a tremendously positive impact on the world and can enhance our intelligence, morals, and even our immune systems in order to boost longevity.


The Psychedelic Future of the Mind
The Psychedelic Future of the Mind by Thomas Roberts


Roberts sees psychedelics as psychotechnologies, just as breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation.

These psychotechnologies allow us to enter new mindbody states in which we can learn and experience new things. Shifting between these different states enables us to take this new knowledge back with us to our default state in daily life. This will not sound very unfamiliar to microdosers!

My favorite quote from the book:

“From a multistate perspective, one of the most informative intellectual activities you can experience is the exploration of mindbody states.”

You can read my full book review on Goodreads.

Companies I am following


This is some cool stuff.

MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) has just launched its own NFT sale called the “Cartography of the Mind”.

The sale will offer collectors a chance to bid on more than two dozen NFTs from a select group of the world’s most prominent digital artists, including Beeple and Alex Grey.

The profits will be donated to support the research of potentially life-saving psychedelic-assisted therapies led by MAPS.

This is an amazing example of how new technology and psychedelics can synthesize for a higher purpose.

The auction will close on June 28th, so if you have *some* spare capital lying around, make sure to check it out here.

My personal favorite piece:


MAPS launched a NFT Sale


Also, Netflix will launch a new documentary series on psychedelics next month!

Based on the famous book “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan, the series will contain four episodes and will be aired on July 12th.

Check out the trailer:


Music I’m listening to


Whenever I’m in a state of flow or deep work, I almost always listen to some psychedelic tracks in combination with binaural beats. 

I found some amazing tracks again this month and updated both Microdose Pro Radio playlists on Spotify, check them out:


Tune in to the Deep Work playlist:

Tune in to the Hyperflow playlist:

Also check out my Binaural Beats for Focus playlist here.

PS: Coming month I’ll be at BOOM in Portugal so if you’re there as well let’s hang out and enjoy this music live 🤘

Review of the month


We receive a bunch of reviews every month, this month this one resonated most with me:


“I’ve felt myself glowing. Sounds weird, but it’s true! Stresses no longer impact me the way they did as an increased mood counteracts that. Musically and professionally, I feel it has helped me navigate writer’s blocks and my personal performance in the office is a net positive. I’m a BIG fan!” 

Paul from Ireland


That’s it for this month.

If you have any podcast recommendations, book tips, cool tracks, or anything else, feel free to reach out and send them to me by replying to this email or by sending a dm.

For now, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.


Flow strong,


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