Why You Should Avoid Dairy in Combination with Mushrooms

Why You Should Avoid Dairy in Combination with Mushrooms

A few of the questions we often hear from our community are: “What foods can or can’t be taken with truffles/mushrooms?”, “Should truffles be taken in the morning or afternoon?” or “Is it important to consume on an empty stomach?”

While we share our preferred way of microdosing (in the morning, before breakfast, on an empty stomach) – this preference can be different for everyone.

However, in this article, we want to discuss a specific topic with you; dairy products.

Rest assured, this is not a debate about veganism.

The debate is about the effects of lactose (if any) on antioxidants.

To understand how these two might counteract, we need to start with some foundational information.

Truffles and polyphenols

Truffles and mushrooms contain so many beneficial vitamins & nutrients. Mainly, they contain high amounts of anti-oxidants, case in point polyphenols. These polyphenolic compounds are scavengers of free radicals and help reduce damage caused by oxidation.

Anti-oxidants reduce oxidative stress meaning it helps us maintain good cardiovascular health and can prevent certain cancers.

More specifically polyphenols keep blood vessels flexible and healthy while also reducing chronic inflammation and managing blood sugar. Such protective effects go on to protect from blood clots and promote brain function.

Lactose binds to polyphenols


This past decade, there has been some discussion in the scientific community around the effects of lactose on anti-oxidants, i.e. polyphenols.

The debate is whether or not anti-oxidant capacity is decreased when combing dairy with antioxidant-rich foods. Does milk (lactose) decreases the antioxidant availability or effectiveness?

So far, the research has been conducted on pairings such as tea/coffee with milk, blueberries and yogurt, oatmeal, and milk. So far, the findings seem to cover a wide range of results.

Some studies say that the polyphenols are not affected in the presence of lactose. More precisely, this study concluded that the addition of milk: “did not affect the beneficial effects of black tea on total plasma antioxidant activity,”

Conversely, a separate study claimed: “Polyphenol binding may result in various changes in proteins structure and some functional properties as well as nutritional value and digestibility properties.”

How to supplement?


Whether you like to eat after taking your truffles is totally up to you. Whether you take your truffles first thing in the morning or last thing before bed, is also up to you.

Because the scientific community is currently undecided on the matter, perhaps consider only having dairy a couple of hours before/after taking the truffles?

Truffles and mushrooms have so many beneficial compounds waiting to benefit us. Ensure the bioavailability of these compounds is the most important thing. Without bio-availability, the benefits go right through our system and never get digested or absorbed.

There is so much yet to be learned when it comes to truffles and mushrooms that this conversation is likely to continue for years to come.

In the meantime, we wish you an awesome microdosing journey!

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Asha Sultana

Asha Sultana

I believe in the power of mushrooms and in the innate intelligence of our bodies. Fungi support human health like none other. Personally, I have used a wide variety of mushrooms to restore my health from heavy metal poisoning and its consequences. Currently living in Cape Town while raised in Canada and born in Romania. My travels have deepened my connection to natural medicines and my commitment to balanced living.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Avoid Dairy in Combination with Mushrooms”

  1. So hot chocolate and smoothies (containing yogurt and/or breakfast) are not recommended I gather. Of the 3 suggestions for beginners taking truffles, that leaves tea? – any other suggestions for non-tea drinkers?

    Thanks for passing this info along. Very helpful!


    1. Hi Ellen,

      Thanks so much for your question. The article written does say that there are contradictory findings regarding the effects of lactose and the beneficial effects of mushroom compounds.

      We have a lot to learn when it comes to the effects of kinds of fungi on our bodies. As a broad recommendation and based on what we know so far, perhaps it is a good idea to avoid dairy two hours before/after taking mushrooms.

      Regarding ‘tea’, that depends as to whether or no you can have black tea or use a milk alternative?

      Hope this helps.

      Asha 🙂

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