Setting Intentions vs. Creating Expectations

Setting Intentions vs. Creating Expectations

Every so often I manage to convince the team to let me write a woo-woo piece, and now finally they’ve agreed despite their better judgment. A ‘woo-woo’ piece is a post that discusses the more intuitive and esoteric aspects of a microdosing practice.

Time and time again, we will hear about the importance of setting an intention before taking psychedelic plants. This begs the question; what IS an intention and how is IT best defined?


Defining intention


Some sources define intention as focusing on the process rather than the outcome (expectations). Others define intention as the things we have control over and conversely, that expectations are focused externally and ultimately out of our control.

For this discussion, I am defining intention as the creation of a beneficial confirmation bias.


Confirmation bias


In psychology, the term confirmation bias defines the tendency to search for, interpret and/or favor information that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.

Confirmation bias has often been described as a negative aspect but it can be used to our advantage. 

We are all familiar with the exercise of talking about red cars, then soon after noticing so many more red cars on the road.

Setting intentions is the practice of deciding what we will notice more moving forward. 

Whether you prefer vision boards or mantras, these are ways of dropping anchors, laying cues, and creating reminders to notice what has not yet been manifested.

An intention is different in that it brings back messages from beyond. 

Intentions are not like vision boards where the idea came from a 3D world to hopefully and eventually also manifest in a 3D world. An intention is when we design the vision board in 5D and bring it back to 3D for us to manifest here, and now.

Weaving in possibilities from the 5D world here and now is when things get magical. It’s when things go beyond the realm of our imagination and into realms of unexplored dimensions.


Opening the field of view


Intentions are about being open and attentive. Expectations narrow the field of view and almost demand a certain outcome. 

Expectations almost have disappointment baked into the definition. Instead of being open, expectations are almost a demand. 

The difference between Intention and Expectation may appear subtle but are worlds apart.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem”, meaning that we cannot be too rigid in what we think we want/need moving forward. As far as psychoactive and psychedelic substances are concerned, users know that when used correctly, they always give us what we need and not always what we ask for.


The power of expectations


Is there a healthy place in our lives for expectations? Are they always forceful and demanding?

Dr. Andrew Huberman recently discussed the power of expectation and it adds another layer to the points raised above. He makes the case that the expectations we hold of ourselves and our bodies affect our human longevity. (note: video is queued up for your convenience)

He discusses one particular study that analyzed the language of elderly participants living in a retirement home. Those that used positive language long outlived those with less positive views. Although the use of positive language did not prevent anyone’s death, those that used negative language died sooner.

Within the context of this article, it appears that setting expectations upon ourselves rather than external forces/persons activate parts of our epigenetics in very measurable ways.

Perhaps that’s the ideal resolution to the above; to hold high and positive expectations of ourselves while developing intentions for our lives.


Piercing the veil


Psychoactive substances are fascinating for many reasons but mainly because they allow us to pierce the veil. They allow us access to another place that we normally don’t get to see.

Nearly everyone would say that defining psychedelic experiences is nearly impossible, that language has yet to catch up with an adequate vocabulary.

When setting intentions, we are creating anchors for ourselves to see more when we are ‘sober’.

It allows us to bring back some of the magic from the other side of the veil.

Psilocybin by definition invites us to widen our field of view and pay attention to the world around us. To see it with fresh eyes, to notice what has been there all along.

So next time you set an intention, visualize an open hand that is ready to receive without the impulse to grab.

Like when planting seeds in a garden, excited for every new hint of growth. Thrilled at the possibilities.



Micorodse Pro Intentions Expectations 2



Anchors and compasses


Set anchors and pattern detectors for all the things you want more of in your life. Laying the groundwork of conscious intention allows us to notice small cues from the universe that encourage us to keep going. 

A conscious intention is a powerful compass, helping us to notice when things are changing and in the right direction.

Between you and me, I always kind of feel like my guardian angel is right next to me. They can’t speak with me directly but often leave clues. If you’ve ever seen City of Angels with Meg Ryan, you’ll know what I mean.

Intentions are all the things I secretly share with my guardian angel. They can’t verbally reply but they do nudge me when I’m on the right track.

Intentions are keeping the line of communication open with what I call the universe. 

This open conversation implies that I am being clear in my desires and committed to noticing them as they show up in my life.


The power of journaling 


A great way to reinforce intentions is to include them in your journaling practice. 

List what you want more of in your life at the same time as you log your micro dosage for the day. Then, a few weeks later, look back and take a macro view of it all. 

What do you learn about yourself looking back at three months worth of data? What can you learn about yourself looking back a year from now?

Setting an intention is like creating your very own treasure hunt. 

An opportunity to playfully engage with the universe and notice how many buried gems are ready for you to find.

Deep breath, through the nose. Nice exhale through the nose. Set your intention. Thank the mushrooms. Allow for it all to unfold. Notice when it does. Rinse and repeat.

And as always,

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.

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Asha Sultana

Asha Sultana

I believe in the power of mushrooms and in the innate intelligence of our bodies. Fungi support human health like none other. Personally, I have used a wide variety of mushrooms to restore my health from heavy metal poisoning and its consequences. Currently living in Cape Town while raised in Canada and born in Romania. My travels have deepened my connection to natural medicines and my commitment to balanced living.

5 thoughts on “Setting Intentions vs. Creating Expectations”

  1. Really nice post Asha.

    I was wondering how would it be a good example of what an intention and what an expectation would be for the same matter. ie: Say I am organizing an event which will take place soon.
    My expectation could be: “Receive minimum of 100 inscriptions/attendees, that would have a wonderful and awakening experience which will improve their life quality” (external and out of my control)
    Mi intention could be: “Enjoy organizing the event and sharing the experience with the attendees” (internal, we have control over it).
    Is this what you mean? Could you share similar examples?

    1. Hi Juan,

      This is a great question, thank you for asking me to clarify.

      What I would say in this particular example is perhaps the intention can sound like this: ‘I am open to noticing all the people joining and attending my event. I am also noticing all the ways, big and small, that the event is adding value and of benefit to their lives.’

      So much of our human experience is about what we choose to focus on. Remembering to notice is a great partner to neuroplasticity. I like to think of intentions as reminders for us to notice all the clues that what I want to manifest is currently unfolding.

      We know that what we focus on expands, so remember to remember 😉

      ….and please let us know how the event turned out!

      Asha ✨

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