Microdosing and Smoking Cessation Pilot


Have you been wanting to kick the habit of smoking, but haven’t gotten there yet? 

This might be for you.

Anecdotal reports, as well as self-report measures, show that many people have been using microdosing in order to finally quit smoking once and for all.

This program will be led by Djai Baaten, a clinical therapist who focuses on addiction and Clinical Director at Microdose Pro. Djai has created a method that combines microdosing and evidence-based techniques in order to create an effective and science-backed program. 

In a total of four 1-hour group sessions spread out over seven weeks, Djai will guide you one step closer to a nicotine-free life.

We will kick off in the final week of December, the program dates are:

Session 1: December 29th 19.00 CET
Session 2: January 6, 19.00 CET
Session 3: January 20th, 19:00 CET
Session 4: February 4th, 19:00 CET

We will also partner up with each other for accountability and have regular check-ins, to ensure everyone stays on track.

So the goal is that after the 4th of February, you’ll be enjoying a life without the need for cigarettes or vapes.

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The regular price for this program will be €300, but as this is a pilot program, we will be testing the best setup and also ask for and include your feedback along the way. 

This is why we can offer something special.

There will be only 20 spots available, and each spot for the pilot will only cost €100. 

This includes 3 strips of truffles and a scale for microdosing.

Sign up now if you feel like this might be for you or someone you know.

Again, there will also be 20 spots available in this pilot and we will start on December 29th, so don’t wait too long to decide if this is something you want to join.

To a fresh start in 2023!

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