Boomers are the original citizen scientists

Boomers are the original citizen scientists

Boomers are the original citizen scientists
There are many fascinating aspects to the psychedelic renaissance. The one that intrigues me the most is how in this particular instance, it’s the sub-culture that is guiding and leading the topics of scientific research, the citizen scientists.

The scores of anecdotal reports shared on Reddit, as articles, or via James Fadiman survey participants have become the bedrock for future research and scientific validation.


Citizen Scientist

Citizen science is scientific research conducted with participation from the public. Each experience shared, posted, blogged, or tweeted has been instrumental in helping us understand the vast array of benefits available to then prompt science to investigate further.

In this recent conversation between James Fadiam and Adam Bramlage from Flow State Micro, Dr. Fadiman defined any person that has shared their personal experiences with psychedelics; as a citizen scientist.

Fadiman explains that citizen science is not based on data, but on results.

The results thus far have been rather outstanding, which kind of explains all the hype around these compounds. I use the word outstanding specifically because, through each anecdotal report, we learn about potential benefits that were outside the realm of our initial understanding.

Senior Citizens Microdose Pro

Let’s go, Boomer


Boomers play an important role in this psychedelic renaissance. Defined as being born between 1946 and 1964, this generation delivers powerful insights into the effects of psychedelic use (both in micro and or macro doses).

Our Facebook group and Discord channel both confirm that many more middle-aged adults are using psychedelics than we realize. The privilege of older years means that when we finally start to feel better, we are quite confident that something has improved for the better.

Unexpected benefits

The clandestine reports from citizen scientists have prompted science to understand psychedelics in a new way. For example, some women noticed that their menopausal symptoms resolved after a recreational dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Others noticed that it was easier to speak easily and without stutter when microdosing.

One anecdotal report described eczema being cured through the practice of microdosing psilocybin when in fact, the initial intention was to develop a more enthusiastic view of life. This last one reported enjoying both side-effects, what a great and unexpected result!

Mom, are you high rn?


It’s hard to imagine our parents secretly dropping acid with their morning coffee. In fact, there’s a good chance your parents are secretly taking mushrooms together during their regular romantic getaways. Maybe dad’s been using a ketamine nasal spray to help with PTSD brought on by his years of service in the military? 

This MAPS article from 2013 reads: “What’s so ironic to me is how many people grew up hiding marijuana from their parents, and now they’re hiding marijuana from their kids.”

From dealing with the day-to-day and up until the very final day, psilocybin has been shown to help terminally ill patients with the fear of death. 

This article on facing the fear of death describes it beautifully: “Whether we approach our inevitable demise with fear and angst, spiritual reverence or simply a healthy curiosity, there is strong evidence that psychedelic therapy can help us reach that milestone with equanimity and grace.”

The older, the better


The privilege of older years sheds light on the reparative nature of psychedelics, this recent study on the Paul Stamets protocol shows the greatest improvement in the motor skills of elderly participants specifically.

Aging gracefully appears to include entheogens according to this DoubleBlind article. These compounds can help us open up and level out the deep grooves of repeated behaviors and habits.

“What I learned from my research is that psychedelics take your life experience and compost it so that something new can grow,” Dr. James Fadiman, one of the elders of psychedelic research, observed in an interview. “If you don’t have much experience, you don’t get much out of it.”


Trekking Senior Citizens Microdose Pro

Lest we forget


In our human history, only the elders were entrusted with the wisdom of psychoactive compounds. The combination of age, wisdom, and quality of substance is required to reveal the deeper messages held within.

Psychedelics are not silver bullets, they do not do the work for us. Their secrets are buried deep and not revealed easily. Learning from the experiences of our elders lays the path for our own learning and further exploration.


Keep talking


In short, this article has two intentions; as an invitation for you to continue sharing your experiences as far and wide as possible, and also to ask your parents where they get their good stuff from.

The definition of neuroplasticity is the repairing, building, and optimizing of new synaptic connections. These types of changes can be clearly understood and felt by those that have the privilege of a few extra spins around the sun. 

It won’t be long before psychedelics are proven as the most potent cognitive anti-aging tools available to humans.

So go on, brag a little, and tell us your story.

Shine bright. Do good. Flow strong.

Asha ✨

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Asha Sultana

Asha Sultana

I believe in the power of mushrooms and in the innate intelligence of our bodies. Fungi support human health like none other. Personally, I have used a wide variety of mushrooms to restore my health from heavy metal poisoning and its consequences. Currently living in Cape Town while raised in Canada and born in Romania. My travels have deepened my connection to natural medicines and my commitment to balanced living.

4 thoughts on “Boomers are the original citizen scientists”

  1. Let me share an interesting experience reDad are you tripping?
    I have been wanting to talk about medicinal mushrooms with my kids and how Lion’s Mane seems to have brought about positive cognative changes. I was afraid of talking about acid and mushrooms with magic.
    A few days ago, I mentioned Lion’s Mane and generally about mushrooms and how you can expand your mind.
    Out of no where, my daughter asked me if I knew of Ahyuvasca. I was quite surprised that my V innocent child knew about DMT.
    This breakthrough gave me an opportunity to tell them that I tripped quite a bit when I was in college.
    Though I am not planning to get them to try any psychedelics, I would certainly like them to have a good understanding and maybe in the future they will use these for personal development and fun.
    I do hope that kids don’t end up reading this!

    1. I love that you have had the opportunity to share your personal stories with your daughter!

      The funny thing is that both generations would benefit from noticing that the other is far more open-minded than initially assumed.

      Chances are, your daughter is looking at psychedelics as life development tools and not just recreational products. In my opinion, when used properly, these substances are much safer than other recreational substances anyway.

      I think it would be great to keep the conversation going in your household and with your peers. As I’ve said before, we are each tasked with the responsibility of ‘each-one-teach-one’. A responsibility to provide solid guidance, advice and instructions to any that may be interested in experimenting with psychedelics for self development purposes.

      Thanks again for posting your thoughts 🙂

  2. I’d like to share two incidents, one that actually triggered the desire to trip again.
    I am not fond of labels, I am 70 years old with acid experience in my late teen years.
    I was on vacation and was catching up with my acid friend, who like me, had not used acid after college. A friend of his daughter talked about acid. We, the old timers, listened with polite impatience as this person talked about her experiences with acid and similar.
    Then it occurred to us that she was far more experienced and has used acid for fun as well as personal development. When we tripped we had read Gates of Perception and such and were out to expand our minds. Looking back, we had no idea what we were doing and specially our persons were being redefined. I think that acid experience made me into a compassionate human being.
    To conclude, it was four years ago. We have been talking of tripping again. Specially, since we know much more now. I was far more hesitant, having lived a ‘normal’ rat racing adult life. Six months ago, I decided it was time. Not knowing anything about MD and legal truffles, we looked for places to get acid.
    Ended up with microdosing. I have recently tried macro dose with uncertain outcome.
    We are planning to meet up again, we will do some tripping. I would love to do acid, right now it is shrooms.
    I do consider myself as a citizen scientist, specially now that I have so much better understanding of these substances. Perhaps, importantly, the idea to keep a journal, is invaluable.

    1. Thanks so much RealResh for sharing your experiences with us.

      That is indeed an interesting difference that I hadn’t considered: your generation are less likely to have used psychedelics for personal improvement and more for recreational purposes.

      The magical thing about psychedelics is that many of the positive effects were stumbled upon due by those taking larger recreational doses.

      How has your microdosing with psilocybin truffles journey been for you thus far?

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